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Pluto thumbnail  Gender: Hermaphrodite
 Height: 4'10
 Created: February 18, 2017
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Name: Pluto
Age: 200+ Earth Years
Species: Space Desperado
Positions: Prime Minister of Pluto Nation, Archmage of the Temple of the Trapezoidal Sphinx, Marquis of multitude of planets etcetera etcetera

Personality: ESTJ| "The Executive"
Pluto has managed to obtain several titles of leadership through brilliant management through ruthless cunning and careful politicking. Pluto is a believer of progress through order. Their erudite, big-picture perspective along with a indomitable will and expansive occult knowledge including a powerful Space Desperado physiology allows them to easily conquer opposition. Pluto's sense of excellence makes him hubristic and arrogant. They believe they could see through individuals and into their deeper motivations.
Pluto carries enormous pride in the Space Desperado species and has wrote an extensive tome on the species' history, "Overthrowing the Makers, the Odyssey of a Species Unchained", which may or may not be peppered with poetic embellishments.

Pluto, like most others of their species, adhere to a doctrine called "Auto-Sovereignty". They were bred by a master species to police the Multiverse, however Pluto and their kind overthrew the masters, annihilated all traces of their culture and scrubbed their own history. By this genocidal act of their makers, they saw it fit to proclaim all individuals of their grand species to be the equivalent of kings. They then departed from one another to seek out habitation in their own universe. Legend of Pluto's kind spread throughout the multiverse- their heroic act twisted into an act of vile sedition, and the name "Space Desperados" was stuck to Pluto's kind. Thus Pluto and their kind was smeared as some kind of transcendental criminal enterprise.
Pluto maintained their own rogue universe as a Marquis, staving off Space Police and Extradimensional Imperialists with magickal prowess and sabotage. However, in order to maintain their own order, Pluto desires rare minerals to power their weapons and technological arms race.

Space Desperado natural abilities include an ultra-dense, crystal-lattice endoskeleton, regeneration, spontaneous resurrection, and the ability to traverse multiple dimensions with relative ease.
Pluto is an archmage of the Temple of the Trapezoidal Sphinx and a practicioner of their occult arts. Their magick is based off of mudras, which they dub as Induction Codes™, which is a the art of transmitting information with a 3d-linguistic script and inducing change in reality and living organisms. The highest form of the Induction Codes™ is the crafting of Bioetheric Vehicles™ for interdimensional travel.

The Temple of the Trapezoidal Sphinx:
The Sphinx is an extraterrestrial mystery school dedicated to the development of induction codes™ and taking the act of creation into their own hands. Not much is known of their hierarchy or their ideology.

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