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Satari | Characters

Satari by G.Lo
 Gender: F
 Height: 5'2
 Created: December 30th, 2016
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Name: Satari
Age: 22
Sex: F
Height: 5'2" / 7'2"
Weight:120 lbs / 340 lbs
Race: Vampire/Werewolf Hybrid

Satari is a hunter by nature, and those skills have been honed and perfected to make her one of the best snipers planet Earth has to offer. She rarely strays from orders and is typically assigned to small groups exploring outer planets for resources. Although she's only there to complete objectives, the groups she's normally with greatly appreciate her skill, patience, and her protection.

Remarkable sniper. Can stay in the same position for 24+ hours. Weapon of choice: NDM-86
Great sense of smell and hearing
Regenerative healing

She requires a a daily injection to suppress her rage that triggers transformation to her monster form. She typically takes it when she's ready to sleep as it makes her drowsy and completely relaxed as opposed to her hyper alert state.
Because of her half undead nature, she requires some sort of blood product every couple of days or she is lethargic. She typically consumes raw meat to sustain herself.
Her monster form is a mass of uncontrollable rage and a killing machine. Regardless if friend or foe, if she transforms, she will go on a murder spree until her blood lust is satiated.

Destined to be a lab rat at the government facility managing/altering her medication to completely control her, Satari is freed with the help of the abyssal entity "Heratik"- but not without becoming infected by the abyssal virus herself. Upon infection, she discovers she is capable of controlling her beast form and no longer needs the medication to suppress it. Currently, she tries to stay out of sight as she has been listed as MIA by the facility and is being hunted.

She will mostly stay in beast form to help hone her hunting skills as the beast- something she's never been able to even consider doing before.

During her stay at the facility, Satari was outfitted with a nanosuit. This suit is capable of retracting during beast transformation and then reforming once she reverts to normal. Before the infection, the suit allowed for Satari's DNA to be tracked and offered an easier means of distributing any medication. However, the infection has altered her biology and has thus been a saving grace as the facility can no longer track her. The suit also has chameleon qualities and can blend into the environment at Satari's will.

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