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Kazue L. Burns by Energy
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'6"
 Created: July 11th, 2016
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Note: Kazue's other civilian outfits can be found in the Extra image.

Name: Kazue Lani Burns
Age: 20
Height: 5'6"
Birthplace: Honalo, Hawaii, United States
Gender: Female
Likes: TV shows, the idea of being a superhero.
Hates: Seeing other people die, regardless of whether or not it's her fault.

Personality: Kazue is slowly regaining her sense of cheerfulness. However, the memories of the terrors she experienced will remain with her for quite a while.

Fighting Style: None (no formal combat training). It's mostly clumsy looking strikes and kicks she "learned" from watching too much TV. She also seems very complacent and prefers to finish fights with a flying punch to the face.

Powers: Kazue has the power to summon a torch-like flame that comes out of her hands. She can also use more powerful attacks (such as fireballs, pillars of flame, etc.)

Weapons: A sword that originally belonged to her ancestor, kunai daggers and baseballs that she can use with her flame to improve effectiveness in some situations.

Story: Kazue was a seemingly ordinary girl who first discovered she had a bizarre superpower involving fire during class. This discovery led to her classroom being engulfed in a green inferno, and she was immediately sent to the principal's office, where she is given two choices; face expulsion, or transfer to a new school, one where she hoped to learn to control her power and use it for more beneficial purposes.

She decides to transfer to the Vanity Academy, seeing it as a good opportunity to redeem herself after the aforementioned incident, and accidentally burning a punk alive, whom she is currently not aware may be the older brother of an old childhood friend...

During her freshman year in Vanity Academy, she encountered a powerful senior and won a duel against her. She may have made a new friend, but her... err... trial by fire was just beginning...

Before Kazue could begin her training under this powerful warrior, she found her hanged in an abandoned building. The trauma was enough to activate a terrible curse that not only granted her full access to her powers, but would kill her in three years if she doesn't do anything about it.

Thanks to the efforts of a friendly spider musician and a tiny "rabbit" child, Kazue is now in a slightly better mood and some of the trauma has died down.

After what appears to be a near-death experience, Kazue has managed to find a way to lift the curse for good. Now, she must learn to survive in the dangerous city.

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