Karrin Klash | Characters

Karrin Klash | Characters

Karrin Klash by petarvee
 Title: Slaughtermaster, Best New Character 2016
 Gender: Female
 Height: Stout
 Created: July 8th, 2016
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KARRIN KLASH: The Intergalactic Agent Of Love And Good Vibes

On the outside, Karrin's a space-adventurin party girl. The person you'd look to if you're lookin for a break from reality that just might get a bit soul-searchy. A big optimist with a little altruist, chillin in her big wolf-shaped house-ship of many wonders. Think Gatsby-Parties hosted by The Big Lebowski. She's also the leader of the Warriors Upholding Love and Friendship, the gang tasked as Official City Defenders.

On the inside, Karrin's a bit of a mess. She's abandoned a life amongst the stars for a home on the surface. Letting adventure find her, instead of the other way around. Publically, her reasons are vague at best. At a glance, one can see she's adopted the Earth Lifestyle whole-heartedly, casting away any hint at a life before Void, unless you guys are pretty close. But overall, her mission is to live in Void City, protect the hearts and minds of it's denizens, and love wholly and openly, spreading that message as far as possible.


Karrin's from a high-gravity planet. Born and raised. But once you get her into "Earth Gravity" it's a whole John-Carter-Of-Mars situation. In Earth Gravity, she's surprisingly strong. She can lift a sedan like a couple gallons of milk, and lift a couple gallons of milk like shes lifting pennies.

High-grav side-effects include: Thiccness to the max. AKA Hella Density. Karrin's little subsection of humanity is built a bit different than most. To survive on a higher-gravity world and still keep all your biological functions, you need to be built tougher. Built stronger. Stronger muscles, stronger bones, stronger blood. In effect, punching Karrin is a lot like punching those blue gymnastic mats. There's a little give in the skin and muscle, but those bones can catch a bullet (see Scarmageddon).

Diplomatic Immunity: Karrin got Citizenship++ after being voted Best New Void City Resident 2016, and, in an effort to cultivate more of Karrin's good deeds, Mayor Gumshoe awarded her a light version of Diplomatic Immunity. So she can do the most good without sweating the small stuff.

THE BEOWULF: (Formerly The H.S.C. Beowulf)
The Beowulf is Karrin's bread-and-butter. Think of The Starship Enterprise, but shrunk down. It used to be one of the fastest ships in the galaxy until the Valentine's Masquerade Explosion severed the connection to The Beowulf's quantum-entangled battery. Now, the fastest it can go is Lightspeed, meaning it'd take a few years to get to the next star, rather than a few seconds.

So: The Beowulf's settled down; taking up residence in the former Toon Town district and deploying worker-bots to build around it. A WULFtown, built in it's image. Where everythings wolf-shaped, or purple, or both.

Big features of The Beowulf include: A Smart A.I. Effectively Karrin's best friend and greatest asset. It can control an impressive number of WULFbots at a single time and hold different conversations with each of them. Transformation: The Beowulf can cut off and transform parts of itself, reconfiguring it's being into a variety of vehicles and mechas, depending on the situation and how much got cut off. Replication: Y'know the food replicators from Star Trek? You stand in front, place your order, and molecules combine to make your meal? It's like that, but it does food, clothing, and WULF-brand everyday objects.

WULFbots are on Karrin's ref sheet.


Karrin is first and foremost a diplomat. She likes to talk her way in and out of situations and settle in the most peaceful way possible. She's a vessel for love and understanding. As such, she sucks at fighting. She'd like to be good at it, but between very little practice and Earth's weird gravity, it ain't happenin.

She can drive most sorts of vehicles, or at least figure em out quickly enough. A galaxy's worth of getaways taught her that. And she has Advanced Scifi Knowledge of how tech and science works, but only a passing notion. Like how modern humans know kind of how a car runs, or kind of how biology works.


vs GIGARA: Karrin and Park are sort of "a thing" but not officially or exclusively. Gal Pals.
Dam It: In response to THE FLOOD, Karrin's put her ship in Island Party Mode as a Flood Relief Shelter for people to wait out THE FLOOD. Also her ship can transform into a bunch of wolf-related shapes.
vs Navy: Karrin's bad at most sports.
vs Beo: While shooting the new commerical for A La Mode, Karrin burns down Beo's Ice Cream Parlor/Strip Club. They aren't on great terms anymore.
Scarmageddon: After trying to take a short vacation, Karrin gets shot in the face and gains the dubious title of "Slaughtermaster" through one of Claw's weird Satan-Visions.
Underground Winter Party: Had some heart-to-hearts, got a sweet pair of hover-shoe-skates.
Voidstagram: Granted Citizenship ++ and the "Best New Void City Resident" title.
V-Day 2017: Park breaks up with Karrin and Harvey blows the engine-room in the H.S.C. Beowulf. Karrin is now reduced to lightspeed travel and effectively tethered to Earth.
Prot�g�: Karrin takes Lilyfeather as her Junior Agent Of Love And Good Vibes.
TTT 2017 Round 1: Went to a High School AU with Lily, Xia, and Kurt. Shenanigans were had. Lessons were learned.
TTT 2017 Round 2: Tried to solve crime with Avery and Merrick. Fucked up. Formed W.U.L.F.
TTT 2017 Round 3 (Winning Side): Helped Petey and Mimi take down Creamimi in a small way, got appointed Official City Defenders by Mayor Gumshoe, and got the Beowulf mildly wrecked.
Settlin Down: Karrin has a heart-to-heart with The Beowulf and decides to stay in Void City, despite the risks, and form a WULFtown.
What Is Love (Both Sides): Karrin recruits ShiZana to WULF after clearing up some mysteries from her past. Then she tries to help put their rocky marriage back together.
Summer Collab 2017: Karrin gets into a little Prank War between Grey and Shizana, finds a friend in Crikey Dile, and hooks up with Savannah the vampire.


Overall, she comes off as a laidback Dudebro, dropping "brochachos", "my dudes", "aw snaps" and "dealios". She's a free-love, almost-hippie-type and polyamorous to boot. She'll always help a bro out if she can, as long as they obey The One Rule: Don't Be A Dick.

A-Story: Love
Karrin's the Intergalactic Agent Of Love And Good Vibes. She's lovin to the max and just wants everyone to chill out and get what they need. Whether that's a big party or a small heart-to-heart, she'll try and provide. Karrin believes this sorta small-scale change has a Pay It Forward effect on people, and that if she's good to people, and if she loves people, they'll be good and love others in return.

B-Story: WULF
Karrin's the leader of the Warriors Upholding Love & Friendship. A loosely organized team of do-gooders and Void City's Official City Defenders (whether they wanna be or not). As a whole, they're more of a reactionary force. Comforting the masses when shit goes south, but ideally, Karrin would like to help set up some preventative measures as well.

C-Story: Anchors
Now that Karrin's here to stay in Void City, she's got stuff she can't do. She hop in her ship and fly away at the first sign of turmoil or responsibility, she's gotta deal with it. And she's not used to that. Big things that restrict Karrin make her uncomfortable, and she needs to learn how to balance out freedom and responsibility.

D-Story: Her Past
In the losing side of Tag Team 2017 (our side) Karrin said she did a lot of bad shit she had to run away from. And now that the Beowulf isn't her Get Out Of Jail Free card, she can't do that any more. Naturally, some stuff's gonna catch up with her. Mind you, she wasn't some war criminal or spacenazi, but she tried to live The Adventurer's Lifestyle. Swashbuckling, smuggling, bountyhunting, saving princesses, alien romance, the works. But, she was bad at it. And she broke a lotta laws on a lotta planets and made a lotta people mad.

E-Story: Slaughtermaster
Technically winning that Scarmageddon bracket officially named Karrin a "Slaughtermaster". And that'd be a fun angle to do something with. Because I like to make all meta-titles canon and because Claw specifically called her a Slaughtermaster.

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