Judgement Call | Characters

Judgement Call | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 4'6
 Created: July 1st, 2016
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Judgement Call is a spirit made to usher souls to the afterlife they are meant to be in. Using his list, he can see the names of those who are deceased and a list of their good and bad deeds to weigh against each other to choose where they will be sent. As he works for the reapers, he is also in charge of cracking down on activities against their laws, such as soul eating or bartering, necromancy and resurrection, and harboring lost souls.

Personality-wise, JC is still excitable and eager to please his creator. He's by default very friendly and curious but in his desire to be the best at what he does tends to jump to confrontation and fighting without much forethought if it will further his soul collecting. He is very fond of children and does his best not to scare them. He doesn't quite understand what a heavy impact death is in the mortal world just yet.

-JC can switch between the physical and spiritual plane. When on the physical one, he exists and can be touched like a normal person. When on the spiritual plane, he is intangible like a ghost and can grab on to souls.
-JC can summon the objects he uses for his job at will: The bell to attract spirits, the list to judge them, the whistle to momentarily freeze them, and the billy club for fighting.
-Using his deathclock, JC can see if a living being is close to their expiration date. Living past that date is considered cheating death. The clock will not work with immortals unless they are destined to die.
-JC can put souls back into their bodies, but will refuse to do so if the body is past the expiration date.

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