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Jacques | Characters

Jacques by Qsy
 Gender: F - sorta
 Height: 5'11
 Created: June 19th, 2016
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Name : Ajdaja Lechner
Nickname : Jacques
Age : 29
Base concept : what if a hatchet had sex with a sexy borzoi and somehow gave birth to a boa constrictor.

The daughter of a wealthy Hungarian industrialist, grew up with too many hobbies and not enough parental supervision, including astrology, fencing, philately and dwarf tossing. Following her survival of a nearly lethal accident involving her throat and something that's suitably shaped to hurt throats, she's now strongly convinced she can't die and will take any kind of threat with an insufferably cocky smile. This incident however left her incapable of yelling without coughing blood, which barely changes her habit of yelling a whole fucking lot whenever she feels strongly about anything.
Jacques suffers from some kind of quantum moral values, meaning she will absolutely do whatever the hell she wants if left unsupervised, but if she's caught red-handed will apologize profusely under her breath and do three months of community service to make up for it. She is otherwise an abysmal and boisterous pain in the ass when she has the moral high ground, especially when said high ground suits her whims.
She generally engages in what could be considered vigilante justice, although she isn't very discriminate as to who she targets. About as lethal as a wet sock isn't, Jacques has years of murders behind her necktie and the arsenal to match, wielding her sword Argousine in combat with a literal bloodlust. Because yes she likes blood a whole lot. She's still a nice person if you actually appear to be in the right.

Cocky, self-centered, prodigal, eccentric - strong moral compass when looked at - optimistic, ambitious, opportunistic.

Likes : investing in heavy industry, collecting art, crosswords, coffee, cigarettes, wrasslin', blood and guts, vintage paraphernalia, both art deco and art nouveau, flying, speculaas.

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