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Kepi thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5'10"
 Created: June 18, 2016
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Aleesha Freeman AKA Kepi is a Metal/Parts Scrapper that obtains things not always legally and sells them to the highest bidder. She works all day, most days to provide for her family (Grandma and 3 younger siblings) that she's been the main source of income since she dropped out of highschool when she was 16. Now 26, she's become a regular to the black market and other places that have backdoor dealings. Born and raised in Void, she's never really been outside of the city, but being an inter-dimensional traveler, "the city" is not always the same.

Kepi is socially awkward in casual social interactions and prefers using fewer words, but she can haggle and cut a deal with the rest of them. She's bad at math, but thinks quick on her feet in any situation. She may deal with the black market, and can handle the dangers, but she has a good heart and will help anyone in need. She will defend herself and what she loves, but she doesn't go around picking fights, preferring to walk away from confrontations.

Powers/Items of Interest:
--Dimensional Travel: Kepi can turn things, including herself, into particles so small that they slip through the fabric of time space, allowing for her and whatever she wants to travel between dimensions, and maybe Time? She needs a strong concentration and a place/feeling in mind to Disintegrate Herself and other things.
--Laser Sword: So sharp, it can cut between Particles! Use the buttons on the hilt to shorten or elongate it. Grows up to 800 feet!
--PoDiPo: Pocket Dimension Pouch, can hold up to a football field squared of space.
--E.S.M.: Environmental Stabilizing Mask, (Fancy gas mask). For a variety of terrains! With new underwater features.
--Other: She's quite strong from years of lifting heavy machinery, and knows basic hand to hand combat. She knows a lot about machinery and other random objects that can be sold for money on the black market.

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