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Lawson | Characters

Lawson by OberGoat
 Gender: Male
 Height: 5'4
 Created: June 17th, 2016
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--Lawson has gone through a bit of a "Soft reboot" the few comics he's participated in are still canon, but his backstory is different, so certain things like his amnesia are no longer relevant--

Full Name: Drake Lawson, but everyone just calls him "Lawson"
Hero Name: Speed Demon
Age: 24
Powers: Super speed, increased durability, mild strength increase, teleportation to anywhere he can currently see
Weaknesses: Extreme cold, deep water (hydrophobia), teleporting a lot or for long distances wears him out
Alignment: Lawful Good/Neutral Good

Brash, impatient, and never without a wisecrack or bad joke, Drake Lawson, AKA "Speed Demon" is out to clean up the mean streets of Void City!

Drake Lawson was born and raised in Void City, and was a fairly average kid all up until one night when he was 16 when he mysteriously vanished. He was missing for 9 months when, just as suddenly as he disappeared, he reappeared, with no memory of being missing or even knowing that 9 months had gone by. On top of that, after returning, he learned he now had the ability to run at incredible speeds, averaging over 200 MPH and being able to push himself to 500+. He also now has enhanced durability and higher than average strength. He went on with his life as best he could afterwards, trying to figure out exactly what happened to him in those 9 months, but was never able to find the answers.

After graduating from Void High, he and his best friend, Jonah Ellis, started their own comic shop together called "The Hoard". However, during the flood of Void City, the shop was destroyed. While Jonah and their employees went to stay with their various families, Lawson took refuge aboard the Beowulf. However, when the Beowulf was rocked by a terrible explosion during the 2017 Valentine's Day party, he attempted to use an escape pod to get away but, due to a severely malfunctioning voice recognition system, was rocketed to another galaxy, to the planet Nari'Va. There, he encountered the alien race known as the "Drell'Nari" he learned they had a powerful artifact known as the Quantos Core, a device capable of opening wormholes to anywhere in the universe. The problem was they were using it to travel the universe to convert any civilization they encountered to follow their deity, the "Star Matron" or destroy them if they refused.

Upon getting his hands on the core, Lawson was able to use it to return to Void City, only he absorbed most of the core's power in the process, turning his eyes purple, burning the Quantos rune onto his right hand, and giving him the ability to teleport anywhere he can currently see. It took him awhile to adjust to this new power, and has been lying low until he can get the hang of it.

Also after returning, he learned that Jonah had reopened the comic shop, now located just outside of Wulftown.

After the events of "Back in Action" He's now officially back to vigilantism.

-Other tidbits-

-When he was 11 years old, he was dragged into a riptide and nearly drowned. Since then, he's suffered from hydrophobia, though he doesn't start getting nervous or afraid until the water gets over his head.
-After returning to Void City, he's started going by "Speed Demon" while out fighting crime. He got the idea when the Drell'Nari kept calling him a demon.
-Doesn't have any sort of super hero outfit, he just wears his normal clothes.
-Due to his speed, he has an incredibly fast metabolism, because of this, he can't get drunk.

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