Cassidy Madson | Characters

Cassidy Madson | Characters

 Gender: Female
 Height: 3'0
 Created: June 17th, 2016
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STATUS: Escaped a coliseum with Mr. BOT. Mr. BOT became damaged from the incident.

---Cassidy Madson (Look for Design Sheet)
Name: Cassidy Madson

Age: 11

Height: 3'0" (+ Hair = 4'0")

Weight: 50lbs

Race: Human (?)

Likes: Evil, Causing Trouble, Pranks, Shouting, Science

Dislikes: Justice, Superheroes, Sports, Milk, Deception!

Personality: A supervillanous loud hammy little kid. She's rather mean, and loves causing trouble by her family's name. Cassidy, however, will act nicer and calm if it's someone who gets along well with her. But whatever you do, do NOT deceive a Madson.

Abilities: Cassidy is an evil genius who can build things out of anything, which includes making a bomb out of gum, has the knowledge for biology experimentation, and is an expert hacker. Her teeth are sharp for an unexplained reason, other than the fact that she might use it to bite someone.

Weaknesses: Being a supervillainous mad scientist, she'll have time to gloat, and she's weaker than an average ordinary child, so she must rely on science to defend herself. She's also lactose intolerant.

Bio: Daughter of two ultimate supervillains, Cassidy has the skills from the two. She goes around with crazy schemes to mess with people, and goes around being assisted with her robot, Mr. B.O.T to wreak havoc.

-It's been rumored that behind Cassidy's glasses are extremely adorable eyes. She really doesn't wanna bring that up. She also doesn't wanna bring up the "Phone Kingdom Incident".

---Mr. B.O.T:
Name: Mr. Butler Of Terror

Age: Very Old (Built since Medieval Times)

Height: 1'0"

Weight: 600lbs

Race: Robot

Likes: His Job, Books, Poems

Dislikes: Being called junk, Getting dented

Personality: Sophisticated and calm, Mr. B.O.T. does what he can to help the Madson family. He also prefers correcting terms to people. He rarely gets mad, but if he does... well, just don't make him mad.

Abilities: Mr. B.O.T. comes equipped with lots of weapons inside that small robotic body of his. Lasers, flamethrowers, saws, tea, you name it. He can multitask with his 9 retractable arms to serve and wreck. He can also scan anyone for info. And he can fly high.

Weaknesses: His metallic body can be dented. Also, his arms can actually be cut off, which will be bad for him, because getting his arms cut will limit his abilities unless they're replaced. He also has a power supply in his back. If it's gone, so will he until it's fixed.

Bio: The Madson's robotic butler, originally built in the Medieval Times as an early version of a typewriter, is loyal to the family to the very end. Mr. B.O.T. has the knowledge of the Madsons through history. He's commanded to assist Cassidy whenever she needs him, even if things go chaotic. Whenever he isn't assisting anyone, he goes around the Madson Manor to look for intruders, or read a novel to pass the time.

Current Scars:
-Front face damaged from a thug. Visual became slightly impaired; Damage caused some of his weapons to sometimes malfunction.

-Mr. B.O.T. speaks like a butler, but his tone and pitch will grow darker and deeper if you make him mad.

---D.O.O.M.E.R. Vehicle:
Name: Destructive Overly Oversized Mechanical Evil Robot

Height: 12'0" (+ Fin = 14'0")

Weight: 9000lbs

Race: Mech

Abilities: This combat mech has lots of weapons equipped to fight. The mech is very durable, and is strong enough to lift a tank, and can walk underwater.

Weaknesses: Despite its power, the mech isn't completely armored, the windshield isn't all too durable, and its ammunition is limited. The black limbs can be cut off to disable them. Also, its back contains a power supply, and damaging it will put it out of service.

Weaponry: Here, it'll display its upside and downside each feature has:
-Sleep Mode: If the mech wants to be turned on, press on the sides to activate it. The pilot will instantly be inside the mech when this happens.
-Shoulder Missile: To take out a big group with these. They contain one rocket per shoulder.
-Machine Gun: It takes time to reload, but they can rapid-fire the target with these.
-Laser Eye: It takes time to charge, but its blast is devastating.
-Rotable Waist: Useful if you want to look around the world 360 as you rotate the torso.
-Jet Foot: To fly higher to reach the enemy in the sky.
-Tread Mode: Should the legs become useless, the pilot can change them to these. In this mode, however, the mech will be slower, and can't jump.
-Changing Arm: It has 5 forms: The hand, the claw, the laser, the saw, and the drill.
-Boomerang Fin: The fin on its back can be launched towards its target and return back to the sender. But if it sticks on something, it'll be troublesome to remove it and put it back.

-The chair's very comfy.

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