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Baggo by SirGuuspatoot
 Gender: Male
 Height: 4'3
 Created: June 12th, 2016
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A traveler from an unseen world, Baggo has an insatiable curiosity for all things around him. He's both familiar and unfamiliar with humanoid culture and societies. On one hand, he comes from a world where no species has advanced that far yet, but, on the other hand, man-made objects were often mysteriously found on his land's soil. This gave him a small glimpse into a new and fantastical world beyond his own, which led his curious feet to explore past the border of his own planet.

Through the remains of a distant legend, Baggo found the source of the man-made objects, and his key to a new adventure: a portal to the human world.

Baggo is an extremely curious creature, and tends to stay optimistic about pretty much everything. He lives by the belief that everyone is a good person until proven bad. However, if he feels like he is in true danger, his positive attitude can fly right out the window and he gives into a panic. In this state he's willing to do anything to escape or neutralize the threat. He rarely gets seriously angry, though, and he's a pacifist for the most part.

Though his true age is unknown, even to himself, Baggo behaves similarly to a small child. This doesn't make him uneducated or inexperienced though. Baggo is surprisingly clever in a strange, sporadic kind of way. His solutions to problems are far from conventional. He's also extremely expressive and energetic.

His hobby includes collecting objects he finds interesting or useful and keeping them in his traffic cone home. He knows very little about what man-made objects and technology are meant to do, as he creates his own uses for them. However, this doesn't mean he isn't open to learning about it!

Physical Characteristics:
Baggo's body is covered in fur, except his head. It's quite literally a bag head. His fur grows in longer strands on his shoulders, elbows, chest, and along his spine. Baggo is an incredible climber, and can also leap far and jump high. He is very lithe and agile, and able to fit through just about anything slightly smaller than his head. To add to this, he is extremely flexible (he'd be great at limbo). However, he lacks physical strength. Getting punched by him is like getting punched by a firm pillow. If a situation gets physical, Baggo relies heavily on his environment to fight for him.

Baggo has a special ability to imbue ordinary inanimate objects with extraordinary properties. For instance, Baggo could give a stuffed toy the ability to speak, turn a toaster into a flamethrower, or create a pocket dimension inside of a traffic cone (which he did do, and now the traffic cone his home). The effect only lasts from a half hour to up to 2 hours after Baggo first enchants an object (the only exception is the traffic cone, which retained its effects indefinitely). However, if he decides to re-enchant the same item again, it will have the same effect as before. The effects are unpredictable, although they are usually somewhat related to the object being enchanted. This isn't always the case, though, in rare instances it's just completely nonsensical. Nonetheless, when Baggo enchants an object, he never knows what will happen. It's a risk he takes every time he consciously decides to enchant something. Luckily for him, he has enough control to where he never accidentally enchants anything anymore. This is also beneficial because enchanting too many objects at once drains Baggo's energy.
This ability isn't very flashy, all Baggo must do to use it is have both hands firmly placed on whatever he is enchanting.

It's unknown whether or not Baggo needs to eat or drink to survive. Nobody has ever seen him do either. He seems to enjoy playing with it and smelling it, anyways. He does, however, need sleep, and loves taking naps in the sun to relax.

Under no circumstances should the bag on his head be opened, ever. Don't even touch the band holding it closed.

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