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Grey | Characters

Grey by zee
 Title: Void's Sexiest 2018
 Gender: Male
 Height: 4'0
 Created: June 11th, 2016
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Grey has no unique given name and has adopted the name "grey" simply due to being addressed as such by others (this is because the colloquial term for his species is "grey", see the species information for more).

Grey is naive, not well socialized, and is naturally somewhat timid. He has frequent bouts of grumpiness and aggression that are usually due to discomfort and/ or anxiousness. He is incredibly loyal to his species and tends to have a slightly condescending attitude to all others.

Grey has been sent to Earth as a scout in order to collect information on anything and everything he can. He sends and receives information through the terminal located within his gauntlets. Grey's armor can transform into a vast array of different weapons and tools in order to assist him with survival and the retrieval of data.

COMIC HISTORY SUMMARY (most recent first):

- VS. Miwesa - Grey is still depressed but musters up the courage to take a ghost hunting mission. Grey successfully captures Miwesa, collects scans of her ectoplasm or something (for science!), and feels a little more confident in himself.
- Summer Collab 2017 - Grey is forced to go camping with Shizana and the rest of WULF. Karrin takes him under her wing and they prank stank on Shizana. Friendship with Karrin: + +, friendship with Shizana: - -.
- Improvements - Grey, scared of going outside and definitely depressed, has confined himself within Shizana's ship for a few weeks. Zana gets mad at him for being a little jerk, they all have a bad time.
- VS. Navy - Set during the 2017 Arma event. Grey is injured and Navy attempts to heal him. Her healing powers have an adverse effect however and they end up fighting a big ass Mono robot instead of me explaining why it happened. (Navy's healing powers, at the time, negatively affect creatures that do not exist by natural means.)
- Valentine's Collab 2017 - Grey goes on a date (for science!) with Shi (and not Zana). Has an okay time.
The Grey and Shizana Hourly Comics Day Special - Shizana decides to let Grey live (bum off of them) in their space ship.
- Winter Collab 2016 - Grey is a sad, lonely boi
- Washed Up - Grey is caught in the aftermath of the flood caused by Harvey and Cin (as seen in Grey's reference picture) in the 2016 Invitational round 3 by Astro Sean. Grey is found and rescued by Shizana and Karrin Klash. Much complaining and grumpiness ensues.
- Intro -“ Grey is sent to Earth for the first time, he is nervous.


The highly intelligent but secretive race of information gathering aliens present throughout the universe are colloquially known as "greys". Their numbers are so extreme that most, if not all, space faring races are aware of their existence. While not normally hostile they tend to be forceful with little regard for laws and regulations, and thus have the reputation of bullies and pests. Their technology is remarkably advanced, giving them the potential to be a highly formidable threat.

Despite their extreme numbers, not much is commonly known about the inner workings of their society, though it is seemingly structured like an aristocracy that prides itself on knowledge and scientific advancement above all else.

There are two types of greys: the larger "pure" beings, and the much shorter genetically altered working class.

The larger greys, known as highborn, are the cardinal progenitors of the species; they are the "true" members of the species, a product of evolution, and have natural means of reproduction. The highborn are in charge of all decisions and are always in high level positions. They are rarely seen on planets or sites of interspecies commerce, typically only leaving their ships for political measures or in extreme events. Though they tend to be stronger than they look, on average they are frailer than humans.

The smaller greys are exceptionally abundant and are genetically engineered clones of their larger counterparts. They are responsible for any and all types of laborious work that doesn't include decision making. These are the greys that are commonly seen on planets, communal space stations, and generally anywhere they are allowed (and sometimes not allowed). Though their condensed stature makes them weaker strength-wise, the smaller greys are capable of higher levels of physical exertion.

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