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Claw | Characters

Claw thumbnail  Gender: male
 Height: 6'5
 Created: May 29, 2016
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(if you would like to read the missing page for his intro or see what his face looks like under his mask, go to my deviantart

-Demon (serves for a greater power)

Appearance: Always wears a paper bag over his head and wears clothes to cover every inch of his malformed body. Looks intimidating in appearance.

Abilities: Quite strong, has claws that are sharper than knifes and can be used to kill, can also create sacrifice circles around corpses and the wounded. He can also jump from and to high places. (not high enough for a sky scrapper though)

Weaknesses: Cannot run in a straight line, and cannot use his hands without scratching things or hurting people. Makes poor judgement, as he always has to have multiple sacrifices every three days or else he will live the rest of his days living through a fate worse than death. He gets desperate to find someone to sacrifice, and tries the best he can to kill those who are evil or bad in his eyes. Due to his desperation at times, he can mistake people from first meeting them as a person without good morals, and can end up killing them.

Personality: He tries to use his abilities for good, and gets rid of people who are threats to anyone. He will give advice for anyone who is naive, and will protect those who are innocent from what he sees, and has a big heart. He tends to hide himself, as he doesn't want to draw too much attention to himself. To those who aren't afraid to be around him can have friendly conversations with him. Unless he's not out looking for someone to sacrifice.

Backstory: Claw was a man who was once human. His fiance went missing one day, and the police couldn't find her and assumed she was murdered, not knowing where her dead body could be. The man refused to believe that she was dead, and tried looking for her himself. As a last resort, he went to a sinister fortune teller to see if she would know his fiance's traces of where she was. In return, he had to go to a secret place to know where she was. He ended up seeing a horrific sight of his fiance being a part of a sacrifice to a satanic-like cult. The ceremony was tainted by his eyes from the outside world, knowing where their secret rituals took place. He had to pay the price for knowing their secret, and was turned into a walking blood/body collector for the religious cult. The blood he would collect would be offerings to the dark lord of the cult. He spends his days in his empty apartment and hides from the outside world.

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