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Jeanette, Sona & Trick | Characters

 Gender: F,F,unspecified
 Created: October 1st, 2015
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A trio brought together by a series of unfortunate events. Jeanette was a drummer who was killed and put back together again making her a sorta-zombie. Sona (blue) is a wandering spirit, continually on the run from a voodoo witchdoctor who wants to trap her and make her his slave. Trick (red) was created by said witchdoctor, a dummy spirit made to keep bodies alive enough for transfers. Through a series of events these three ended up together and now hit the road doing gigs at any town they come across trying to get by as they try to avoid the ever pursuing hands of the witchdoctor.

Jeanette on her own gained some powers from becoming zombified, having being momentarily separated from her body during the process she can now see the flow of Ectoplasm that connects everyone's souls, her special ability is to see the flow that keeps a person alive and is able to directly interact with them to weaken the target. To do so she plays these streams of ecto energy like playing the drums in a certain popular rhythm game. These streams are always constantly moving erratically so keeping to the beat is very hard to do but if she can pull off multiple successive blows it acts like a physical attack.

Neither Sona or Trick have any special powers in their ghost forms, but when they possess Jeanette they have additional abilities, Sona has the ability to become intangible as well as have increased agility. She prefers to focus on defense having been chased by the witchdoctor for years however she can attack a target by imposing an intense feeling of fear at them paralyzing them, though it's effect can depend on the targets nerve. She's was also pretty mean on a bass guitar in life, so having such affinity with it can summon a ghost bass guitar cus YEAH.

Trick on the other hand is much more playful and offensive, since they're fairly new to the idea of a free life they love to experiment, one thing that Trick has learned when possessing Jeanette is to gather Ecto and make them into various objects, weapons etc The effect depends on the nature of the thing Trick creates. As well as this, due to not having a body, Trick is unaware of some of the human body's mental/physical limitations and has access to heightened senses and increased strength. This however is highly dangerous and both Jeanette and Sona try to stop Trick from going overboard. Just like Sona, Trick can summon an instrument, to make up a whole band they can summon an electric guitar because Trick thought it sounded really cool when they were all hanging out in a music store once.

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