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Mortas | Characters

Mortas thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 5'10
 Created: August 26, 2015
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Back Story:
During the Dracula Dynasty a child was born, deformed and sick. The child, even though born from high ranking Vampires, lacks the wings that defines his heritage, his fangs are stumps as are his arms and he lacks a certain blood lust in his eyes. His mother was killed for her insolence.
The child is thrown out into the wilderness, left to die slowly and painfully in the rain and dirt. Until his saviour finds him. Dr. Frankenstein, a man a science saw the redeemable factors in all that were considered evil, He gave the child a new life.. new arms, he trained him in the ways of science, And became a father to the boy.
One night The boy returned home to find his surrogate father dead, And his home in ruins, believing his father was killed because of his adoption of a vampire outcast,The boy began a crusade to rid the world of true evil, the coarse ingrained bigotry which stained the hearts of all man, That night Mortas was born.

Mortas is quiet and cunning, He rarely speaks unless he has to, However he is very emotional and can have a short temper if provoked. He is adventurous and daring often exploring his homeland of castle ruins and vampiric empires, stealing weapons and learning spells and other black magic.
Mortas primarily works as an assassin but also journeys to find the mystery of his real parents and the death of Dr. Frankenstein.

His mechanical arms give Mortas enhanced strength and holster extendable blades. He retains the enhanced senses of a vampire but lacks the wings and blood lust. He is a genius mechanic and can build tools and gadgets to help him as well as upgrade his arms, and can also use some magic but he is very weal at it.

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