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Heratik | Characters

Heratik thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 5'10
 Created: July 1, 2015
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Name: Ipcus Io, commonly known as Heratik (Her·at·ik) /həræt̬·ɪk/
Species: Human/Abyssal Hybrid
Age: Unknown
Size: 5'10, 130lbs-400lbs, weight varies with ichor storage
Diet: Biovore
Personality: Quirky, reclusive, animalistic. Has difficulty managing emotions, doesn't understand what he is. Chameleonic bio luminescence portrays his moods. Terrified of fire, cannot bear its presence. Has a fascination with space, thinks of it as "home". Obsessed with eating abyssal shards, will prioritize it above nearly all other needs should one arise. Tends to behave how he is treated, treating him like an animal causes abyssal instincts to dominate, just as treating him as a person will repress abyssal instincts [Will follow Abyssal behavior rather strictly when hunting].
Abilities/Properties: Assimilates genetic information from organic material, rapid mutation and shapeshifting, extraordinary regenerative capabilities, enhanced sensory organs, minor reality manipulation.

Being an Abyssal, his life is fabricated and must feed on life to reconstitute himself. Feeding may also cause him to frenzy, exponentially elevating his level of aggression. Innately he is vulnerable to bright/harsh light, will be active mostly at night or in the dark. His blood/ichor has pseudo acidic properties as it eats organic material it contacts.


Update: Abyssal Infestation
Has evolved further, taking on a more aggressive and cognitive form.
Currently able to spread a kind of Abyssal Infection. Corrupts the genes of those that come into contact with spore clouds, turning them into Pseudo-Abyssals.

Pack Abilites/Properties: Able to assimilate organic material. Capable of mutation and shapeshifting but their ability to do so is severely hampered. Capable of regeneration, though not as potent as their progenitor. More resistant to light due to their diminished Abyssal influence.
Pack Behavior: About as intelligent as dogs, behave as animals. Communication is done through a combination of vocal calls, tunes, and lights. Will act how their alpha dictates, if the message gets across.

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