Holden Shark | Characters

Holden Shark | Characters

Holden Shark thumbnail  Gender: male
 Height: 5'6
 Created: February 26, 2015
Design Sheet Introduction Story

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PERSON: Holden is, developmentally, a teenager. He has severely stunted social skills and hints/cues usually sail right over his head. A host of attachment issues and no fear of unfamiliar people lead him to initiate contact, even if those people might mean him harm. He is mostly nocturnal and will probably be the weirdo you meet in the dark alley. Holden is pretty sure that he's not quite alive and not exactly dead and that Void keeps him suspended in the middle. Holden gets fixated easily and has sort of a stalking problem.

POWERS: Any cut on Holden (large or small) oozes a large amount of ectoplasm, and he can form it into whatever he wants, usually weapons. The wound closes within a few minutes, making it very hard to take him down. He still needs recovery time from any serious injuries (broken bones, heavy damage that would probably kill a normal person, etc). His more ordinary skills include terrible archery and clumsy parkour.

FIGHTING STYLE: He can make axes, staffs, scythes, more knives, etc. and found objects as improvised weapons. His secondary weapon is a bow and arrows; he is terrible at this but his flatmate feels that a long range weapon might require less stitching-up of Holden. Holden is fairly strong, very adaptable, quick on his feet, and thinks fast; but he still has the attention span of a ferret. He will either try to hack-and-slash, or enter stealth mode and use surprise attacks. He won't kill you but he might bother you to death.


Vs. Lilyfeather
-Holden grows a very persistent attachment to Lilyfeather.

Vs. Mol
-Holden tries to begin a friendship, accidentally discovers a telekinetic ability, and pays for it with a finger and a large burn scar.

-Holden gains the power of foresight.

Halloween Party '16
-Holden fails miserably to use his power of foresight.

Vs The Fool
-Holden gains a new friend and it is learned that he can't read or write.

Winter Party
-Holden and The Fool get friendship tattoos.

When the Day Met the Night
-Lily and Holden get real about their relationship.

-Holden has a ferocious new responsibility.

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