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 Gender: male
 Height: 6'0
 Created: February 7th, 2015
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Name: Artemis Hunter Pierce, goes by Hunter
Age: 23
Race: Reaper (characterized by black-ringed gold eyes, golden blood, animalistic traits)
A Reaper serves the god of Fate, acting as their representative on Earth and carrying out their will. Most often, this means killing the fate-dead: people who've managed to escape their death, resulting in a tendency to draw bad luck and disaster (along with a chance of becoming a majorly nasty spirit when they die).

Generally laid back and pleasant, quiet. He believes in redemption and finding the best in people, sometimes to his detriment; usually the voice of reason in an argument. Cares deeply for his friends and those he protects. While he isn't particularly eager to fight, typically preferring negotiation to violence, he isn't afraid of conflict either.
As the Reaper he believes strongly in upholding the responsibilities of his role and has great reverence for Genesis and its people.

The vast majority of the time, Hunter will fight using his dagger and natural agility. He's capable of flight, and can shoot small blasts of golden energy. Though he's capable of healing small to moderate wounds extremely quickly (within a matter of minutes) and has a high tolerance for pain, he'll still try to avoid taking hits unless it's necessary to strike a decisive blow of his own.
In more dire situations, he's capable of jumping through shadows for short-distance displacement. This is something he won't want to do very often though; for some reason being in the city has cut off the connection to his usual divine power source, so he's running on his own energy.
As a last resort, he's capable of taking on a monstrous griffin-like second form. However, this is something that's really for the most desperate situations only. It'll take a lot out of him and he'll be exhausted afterward; additionally, the instincts of the creature will often take over and it's more of a struggle to stay rational.

Born human and raised without knowledge of magic and the non-human world, Hunter's life took an abrupt turn when the role of Reaper was passed to him unexpectedly. After a struggle to survive in his new role, he's managed to grow into his power and leave his old life behind.
Hunter's come to Void City in search of a fate-dead individual somewhere within the city. However, it seems like finding them might be a little harder than expected with something blocking a few of his more useful powers.

Upon reaching Void City Hunter very quickly got into a fight with Charlotte Gray, a woman that he'd met years ago on the eve of the accident that she believes ended her life. Though Gray demanded that he destroy her, threatening to hurt the people of the city if he refused, Hunter couldn't bring himself to do it; his final refusal also seemed to shake Gray's conviction, as she admitted not wanting to be a monster after all.
And then, because Hunter is either the worst or the absolute best at this battle thing, they slept together.

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