Discharge | Characters

Discharge | Characters

Discharge by Pockets
 Gender: Male
 Height: 5'11
 Created: September 16th, 2014
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Update- Void Academy is the school that Andrew(Discharge) and his friend Marcus(tech support) attend. The school has students of all kinds attend ranging from Aliens to metas and everything in between. Their ID cards should classify them as such. Andrew got his powers after attending so he is registered as Human and for the sake of his identity he has not changed that. He wants to help people and thought since he has powers that he should be a hero. He got into the Academy through scholarship but in the first week of school he became friends with the school genius Marcus Hunter. Marcus has been attending this school since his early youth and gain reputation to be anti-social, selfish, self-centered, and doesn't care for rules. Marcus doesn't attend class because he feels he doesn't need to. He brings a lot donations and funding through his inventions to his school, not to mention all state of the art security concerning the school was invented by him, so he can get away with anything and most students hate him for it. Marcus was at fault for the accident that gave Andrew powers so he helps him with his hero stuff and is called tech support by Discharge while on patrol. Due to hero work being hectic Marcus decided to officially have Andrew be his Lab Assistant to use as an excuse. Andrew is not well liked because of this fact. The other students think since he is the school genius' lab assistant that he can get by without doing any work, a free ride, and becomes ostracized. Andrew is someone who works hard, despite how his classmates treat him, he continues to try hard at school and be the best hero he can be. Andrew would rather brush off anyone's comments and focus on school and more importantly his hero duties as Discharge.
Andrew lives at the academy dorms and rooms with Marcus
After the battle with the May Wu character, he tends to visit and annoy May from time to time.
fighting- Since he is not trained, he is not very good at fighting so he heavily relies on his lightning fast reflexes

-School Uniform and Marcus design on Winning Pose

Discharge Superpowers:
Electricity Control, Electronic Disruption, Electronic interaction, Lightning fast reflexes, Energy Absorption, Energy Manipulation, Energy Shield, Magnetic Field, Energy-Enhanced Strike, Energy Blast, magnetism, fast healing, flight, super-speed, super-strength

His name is Andrew Garcia but he is also known as Discharge as he patrols the streets of void city. Andrew was just ordinary teenager with an ordinary childhood and he did not like those facts. When he found out about a scholarship to Void High, although it wasn't to well known, he jumped on the chance. He is currently living in the dorms of the Academy with Marcus. Andrew always saw his life as boring before Void City, so he always likes to meet new people and interesting people at that. Being so persistent he gained the friendship of Marcus. Andrew enjoys comic books and video games. He thinks he is quite funny so he is wise cracking at time and as silly as he acts sometimes he is pretty smart, definitely no genius though.

Marcus Hunter is a scientist currently studying on energy sources, he is a genius, learns as much as he can and experiments and researches to satisfy his curiosity. This 15 year old kid loves to learn new things and so tries become an expert in more than one field and usually does things to feed his curiosity but he can not do the things he wants without the right equipment. So he decided to use the Scholarship given to him in order to use the facilities and equipment but decides to use a more secretive location for some of his more private projects for example creating an everlasting power source, decides to work in a secluded place in the outskirts of the city.

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