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Seth and Gonta | Characters

Seth and Gonta thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 4'5 and 3'1
 Created: April 8, 2014
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SETH is a happy, very easy going, and fun loving 12 year old boy who's just about as innocent as it gets. He's an only child, and comes from a very rich family. However, Seth is humble, overly polite and quite generous with his money he gets from his parents. He's also easily impressed, always optimistic, friendly and very well-mannered at that. Seth rescued Gonta from a crashed, exploding spaceship in an abandoned forest when he was 8 years old, Gonta has refused to leave his side since, and now they're best friends.

Seth is very active and adventureous and goes exploring often. However, there isn't much that Seth can do on his own, he's not very strong, and can't put up much of a fight without Gonta. Seth will take a LOT of physical and verbal abuse before actually fighting back anyway.

Despite his good nature, he gets bullied and picked on an awful lot, in school and in public. In most cases, it's over his money. However even in the face of a bully, he still keeps cool, and is still very nice and polite. Seth's usually also always holding Gonta back from attacking too.

In Seth's free time, he's usually exploring somewhere, Whether it be a forest, or Void City. He makes frequent runs to the comic store to get action comics for himself (and sometimes Gonta) to read.
Not much is known about GONTA or what his origins are, there's a lot of mystery to what he's from or who he really is. What we do know is that he's called a Kiospar, a powerful and physically-super-strong little fire monster that can manipulate and create fire from his hands and mouth. Which this also means that the Kiospar's natural opposite is water, their one absolute fear and weakness. However, water doesn't actually hurt them, It works more as a repellent.

Gonta is very attached to Seth, so Gonta is always at least within 30 or so feet of him to make sure Seth is safe. Strangely enough he even has a sense that alerts him if Seth is in danger. If anyone is aggresive towards Seth, Gonta immediately gets angry and protective, however, he cannot talk. He shows his emotions through facial and body expression.


Seth now has made his first good friend in Void City, Ivan Reinhardt. He now visits his circus on a regular basis.

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