Sanari binte Abbas | Characters

Sanari binte Abbas | Characters

 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'5 (1.7m)
 Created: January 2nd, 2014
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It's tough being the new martial arts girl in town, making friends, when your overbearing, overprotective father is an evil, powerful Djinn!


A woman named Abal had romantic relations with a Djinn named Abbas. But the Djinn, such as they are, found commitment to be a waste of time and dipped the moment Abal's tell-tale bump started showing. However, Abbas did not know that Abal was a powerful sorceress. Although she died during childbirth, Abal had placed a spell that would bind Abbas to his daughter, forced to be the father he never intended to be. No matter how far Abbas goes he is always shunted back to Sanari's vicinity should Sanari ever reach out for him. The spell would break only on the condition that Sanari herself finds true love.


25 years later, Sanari has grown into a happy, strong young woman, who plays the violin, job as a scientist lab assistant, and a championship martial artist. She is friendly, curious, fiery and righteous. She has her own fashion sense.

Sanari is a top tier martial artist, studying several branches from around the world. Her strikes are powerful, but she is more prone to using the opponents' attacks and weight against them to open them up for punishment. Much to Abbas' frustration, Sanari always refuses his help whenever she is participating in tournament matches. Sanari has the capacity to activate her Djinn blood to heighten her strength, intelligence and reflexes and gain pyrokinesis, but she hasn't figured out how to do this at will yet. Doing so also inhibits her humanity, making her more like her father, immoral and unrestrained.

As one would expect, her young formative years between child and teenagers were more than awkward with their share of problems, though living with her grandmother gave her ground, at least until her teen years. Aside from her moments when being a pacifist is actually a detriment, being put off by Abbas' cynical nature of the world has led her to "rebel" and be too trusting of individuals. She would fall for any too-good-to-be-true plot thrown at her, making her vulnerable to scammers. Recent trauma (death of a family member) has frayed her once rosy idea of the world, though. She is terrified of creepy crawlies. Bugs, spiders, centipedes, etc., and has a fear of large bodies of water.

Meanwhile, Abbas has grown to become a typical over-protective father. He does love Sanari very much, and only wants the best for her, though he is very condescending to the matters and affairs of humans as a whole. Many are the boys that have suffered his wrath for any slight or attraction towards Sanari. As is his Djinn nature, Abbas favors strength, intelligence and ruthlessness from people as character traits, though he would never seek to hurt his daughter, even when they get in arguments.

Abbas, being a Djinn, only Sanari and those who are magically sensitive can see and hear him. His body is usually ethereal, allowing people and objects to pass through him. When he chooses, he can affect the environment around him with his body, picking up or striking things, etc. He can also light things aflame. Abbas has vast intelligence, as Djinn do, and he keeps many secrets of the universe to himself, again, as Djinn do. However, when it comes to being a father, he is still very much clueless. He also dabbles in epic-level magic. He is known to mock technology, much to her scientist daughter's annoyance. Most of the time while Sanari is on the move, he follows as a little wisp.

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