Daelearian Ewlyara | Characters

Daelearian Ewlyara | Characters

 Gender: Female
 Height: 5\'4
 Created: Prior to recording
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Note - I suggest before you challenge, you read the whole thing or visit the webpage i have about her @:

((REDOING IT AGAIN bwaha, just ask me or email me if u have questions: typodemon@astralromance.com))

Which is constantly underconstruction so ... yeuh. Anyway.

Code Name: TypoDemon
Name: Daelearian Ewlyara
Race: Daemonite (Succubus/Demon/Daemon/Unknown/Hybrid)
Age: Unknown, Can\'t even remember it herself.
Home: Daemon Province of Wcu-an Xieoru (roughly translated \"Beautiful Sky)
Location Currently: In the vastness of VOID Cemetary
Family: All Deceased as far as is known
Marital Status: Widowed
Pet Peeves: Sexual Advances, Snow and Cheese
Allergies: A common one for Fire Demons of Daemon Province. Snow. However, the Ice Soul known only as \"Fusei\" can be summoned with much effort to protect her from it
-Basic (VERY Simplistic lol) Background
Daelearian, or TypoDemon, was born a Fire Demon by the unholy and unsanctioned union of a (1)Daemon and an (2)\"Upworlder\", her mother was enslaved and used as a common whore when she returned to Daemon with a (3)Hybrid Child. Typo was thrown into training, hard and long hours while her trainers tried their damnedest to kill her with the load as young as she was. Training her whole life, and making it into the equivalent of a Human \"Royal Army\", Dae became quickly a most sought after warrior

When she was around 17 human years, she begun taking on thousand year old demons in what was called the (4)\"Hell Tournament\", her first Hell Tournament found her victorious at the most expensive loss she could have ever taken... The loss of her mother during a (5)blind round.

After that, she dove into her studies and training even harder, attaining a (6)level 18 \"Taha\" (trainer) certificate and the ability to (7)soul steal. From there on in, she left Daemon under the veil of night to try and start a new life. Her appearance and her Demonic Forces holding her back at every turn until she met a handsome young upworlder whom she later wed in the human style marriage that he so wanted. Bliss and Tragedy often walk hand in hand, (8)the council - having heard of her marriage and the arrival of her second hybrid child - took action against the atrocities as soon as they pinpointed where she was.

Subsequently, having to come home to a murdered husband, and (9)lower demons crowding around two small lumps in the ground left her devoid of her feelings for anything. She was caught after a great battle with the (10)Yoma on the upworld and held beside the graves of her children, Churon - Three years old- and Kali-Anne -1 month-, to listen as their cries gently dwindled into the dirt while they lost the precious air that their half human lungs needed.

Forced to listen to her little children die while crying and calling out for her was too much, she beat up on herself - training day in day out, not bothering to do much about the wounds she got, lived in seclusion for hundreds of years and heard nothing but the cries of her children.... Until one day she turned herself around, burried her memories and decided on returning to her birthplace. Lead only by scent of it as everything else looked different, she allowed her eyes to trail along the buildings admiring the strange writings of English language in grafiti, gently wondering to herself what a Mayor was, and what he had to do with a James

She didn\'t care at that point... She was finally home.. and maybe here she could escape the council and start her new life. With a small smile she did not notice and a feeling of happiness in her heart that she hadn\'t felt for a while, she went on. She could feel herself smile .. and as she continued to watch the people and places pass by her, she knew she could make this new place home.

She\'s got a SMASH load of Demonic Fire Powers accompanied with a nice little stash of other powers from different trainers or soul\'s she\'s eaten. =). Gonna have to make a whole page for it in itself lol, link it there I guess
^_^ big fire moves, involving walls of fire, little hand flames, =) fun fire stuff.
I\'ll make a webpage or something and draw out her attacks X_X *looks at list* ...maybe.
^_^ She likes her teleport though LOL.

Essentially Daelearian is her own weapon! ^_^ But she\'s got a nifty little present from her Demonic mother. English would call it something as close to a \"Runic Bag\" x_x that was the only translation that I could come up with. What it is - ... well that also, the best i can come up with is a bag with a drawstring at the top which opens, and she stores things in... things as big as cars if she so wants to (that was a fun little jaunt in comedy land lol) where does she store this bag? In a warp. She herself can\'t use the warp hole, but that\'s where the bag stays lol.

Her nails are another weapons she uses, they\'re extendable both on her hands and feet

A cat o-nine tails made from the tenticles of the lavabeast. They\'re able to extend to extremes and conduct electric or fire magic, depending on the user\'s choice, without an actual spell.

Her last line of deffense is her demonic form, which she tries her best to NEVER take on.

^_^ The brackets with numbers if you want to know what it is or don\'t care or whatever lol.
1. Daemon: is a resident of the Province of Daemon. A DaemonITE is a Hybrid Daemon which are said to be stronger than normal Daemons and Demons
2. Upworlder: Anyone who lives above ground
3. Hybrid Child: ^_^ that\'s obvious, but in her case it\'s her mother\'s succubus/demon side mixed with her father\'s heritage, which is uncertain to her
4. Hell Tournament: A tournament that\'s held ever 5 years in honour of the Yoma. To lose is to lose one\'s soul.
5. Blind Round: Hell Tournament has theme fights, where they use handicaps. That year they thought that blinding the opponents temporary would be fun. It results in not knowing who you\'re opponent was.
6. Level 18 Trainer: It\'s just like grades. The grades go up to 300, Typo is at 280.
7. Soul Steal: To make the souls powers one\'s own ^_^
8. The Council: A meeting of 24 powerful Daemons who decide what should happen to specific people of the land of Daemon
9. Lower Demons: Spiritual Demon Souls. Either wandering ones, or ones Daemons have eaten
10.Yoma: ^_^ He\'s kinda the figurehead royalty =). But he\'s damned strong

This started out based on an RPG, and I was given full control of it by the other person who used to RPG with me ^_^. Sooo uhmm. .. Yeah.. ^^ thought ya\'d wanna know!

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