Gargonne and AEGIS | Characters

Gargonne and AEGIS | Characters

 Gender: Alien Female/AI Male
 Height: 4'9
 Created: September 10th, 2013
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Menerva Gargonne is an alien bounty hunter who dares to do the tough jobs in outer space, hunting criminals and leading salvage crews. As a member of the medusyn species, she has exotic talents like being able to store energy within her and live without sustenance or oxygen for days. Her grav-suit allows her to hover, fly, and also deflects low-intensity blaster fire.

Her suit’s built-in operating system is AEGIS, an Artificial Entity Granted Identity and Sentience. He is well-mannered and cooperative, but has a mind of his own and advises Gargonne accordingly. His main functions are universal language translation, advanced computation, and fact-checking. From his position mounted on Gargonne’s belt, he can fire the Gorgon Stare Paralysis Beam, which places its victims in stasis, hovering helplessly in space until Gargonne can reach them and deal with them as she wishes.

Gargonne’s personality is as bouncy as her gravity-defying body. AEGIS is level-headed and doting. They consider themselves a married couple, and Gargonne is saving up every bounty she collects to have AEGIS installed in a separate android body. AEGIS doesn’t mind being so close to his wife—he rather prefers it—but he agrees that it would be an exciting experience to kiss or hold hands with his sweetheart.

RECENTLY, the couple has joined up with the mercenary Danger Rangers, led by monster hunter Raygun. Together they battled the moon beast Somadis and the threats unleashed during the Month of the Dead, specifically the inky villain Doodle Dan.

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