Aurora & Remus | Characters

Aurora & Remus | Characters

Aurora & Remus by G.Lo
 Gender: F/M
 Height: 6'4
 Created: July 4th, 2013
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Name: Aurora
Age: 34
Sex: Female
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Sexual Orientation: Whoever is consenting
Race: Satyr


-incredibly charming
-will literally sleep with anyone

Additional Notes: Her passion for wine making is greater than her lust. Trained in the art by the god Dionyus, she loves combining different grapes to get different flavors as well as different effects. She carries a large book filled her notes and studies of all the grapes she has encountered. Her grape vine consists of a variety of grapes she's collected from the places she's traveled. Usually after a couple of days in a new place, her and Remus will scout the area for any grape vines to add to her collection. She is also capable of manipulating the wood of her wine cups to expand upon flavor.

Name: Remus
Age: ??
Sex: Male
Height: 14' 5"
Weight: 13,000 lbs.
Race: Dragon


-chirps, whistles, squawks like a bird (Communication reference: Chirps, whistles, tweets are positive; Clicks, squawks, screeches are negative)
-very expressive
-adores grapes
-incredibly playful

Before Aurora and Remus crossed paths several years ago, Aurora was just as every other Satyr in Arkadia - drunk, violent, loud, dangerous and incredibly lustful. She would often engage in sacrificial rituals, death matches, thievery, and other ludicrous activities. After they met, however, Remus slowly began to morph her beliefs and outlook on life.

They began to travel to nearby villages and Remus convinced Aurora to "help" people rather than "hurt" people. She realized helping people was far from atrocious, and her hostility and drunkenness essentially vanished. Though her sexual prowess has yet to see change, she can lull her desires through acts of kindness.

Aurora and Remus have recently left Arkadia, their homeland, and do not intend to return anytime soon due to its toxic nature of chaos.

-they're often hunted by maenads (crazy nymphs; see Intro)
-Remus only goes to sleep if Aurora plays him a lullaby
-Aurora and Remus prefer the outdoors as opposed to any shelters
-Both their diets consist of bugs/fruits/veggies. Aurora CAN eat meat, she prefers not to because it can maker her more prone to violence.

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