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Princess Farah | Characters

Princess Farah thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 1.80
 Created: May 31, 2013
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For over 80 000 years the Royal Family of Emroth has ruled on the planet of Karazadun. Now the planet is dying..

In his efforts to save his loyal subjects, the King of Karazadun has scoured the universe for a new place to inhabit, alas his search has been futile.
Clutching at straws and with time running out, he has sent his only daughter, Princess Farah, to VOID CITY to participate in the "Prettiest Princess Death Tournament".

Donning her Grandmothers battle-armour, Princess Farah sets out to Void, under no illusion of the stakes:

Win, and as Queen she will establish a new reign in Void where the inhabitants of Karazadun can live on
Loose, and the Karazuni race will die with her


Full name and title: Her Royal Highness Princess Farah of Marathin
Race: Karazuni
Age: 267
Height: 1.80m


The sword of Embelford: This shortsword belonged to Queen Erithabritt of Embelford, and is said to have beheaded all her six ex-husbands.

The shield of Paladon: The legendary shield of Prince Paladon, able to withstand a thousand blows! Unfortanly, no-one's kept count

The Royal Crown of Emroth: Handed down through generations, the King has lent his daughter the Royal Crown of Emroth, said to be imbued with the soul of every king and queen of Karazadun. At the darkest hour of Karazadun the crown will call upon the ghosts for aid. Or so the story goes anyways..

Karazuni Race:
The Karazuni Race have excisted for over 80 000 years on the planet of Karazadun under the benevolent rule of the Royal Family of Emroth. Though wise in the ways of the New World, the Karazuni consider the slower pace and hardworking toil of old times to be of more benefit to their race and keep things decidedly low-tech. A Karuzuni is capable of living to an incredibly old age (the current King of Karazadun is rumored to be over 2000 years old). In the Karazuni race the females are generally taller than the males, reaching a height of up to 3 metres within their first hundred years.

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