Goblin Princess | Characters

Goblin Princess | Characters

Goblin Princess by Adam@!
 Title: The Prettiest Princess 2013
 Gender: ?Female?
 Height: 5' 7" - 7'
 Created: May 30th, 2013
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She comes from a land down under... if by "down" we mean physically below your feet and by "under" we mean under the earth's crust... She is the most recent spawn of a queen of a hive like goblin monster race thing who every few hundred years creates a princess who's goal is to go out become powerful enough to comeback to take over the hive. If she fails then the cycle will just happen again in a few hundred years.

The race has been stuck below the earth's crust for centuries but thanks to the high-jinx of a red hair barbarian princess who is also in this tourney this young princess has become aware of the surface and has come to amass her goblin army to over throw the queen goblin breeder... thing... with a face.

How will this stunning beauty raise such a force one might ask! Her power is to feed and convert genetic material that her main stomach mouth ingests into mutated variations of goblins. AKA her stomach mouth eats a octopus when she lays her next litter of eggs they will be octopus based goblins... if she eats a bird, bird based goblins are on their way.... and so on and so forth. The more she eats the bigger her brood gets and the more varied her food source the more varied her army etc...

As for her, she is just always hungry and needing to feed cause she is pooping out babies constantly. She needs to feed so badly that she can eat with both hands (literally her palms are mouths), her normal face mouth or two convenient breast mouths. She can't see well, but uses a bat like sonar to get around... and has a horde of goblins that keep getting bigger the more she feeds and the more powerful organisms she feeds on...

that's basically it... I think....

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