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Paavo by Dechado
 Gender: Male
 Height: 5ft 8in/5ft 11in
 Created: May 25th, 2013
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Goodie two shoes lycanthrope that does his best to fight his monster instincts.

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Full Name: Paavo Lawson Gómez

Generally a diplomatic creature, Paavo prefers cooperation over competition, however in the world of shifters, this isn't always a welcomed trait.
Despite being a brain over brawn individual, Paavo developed interest in self defense and can stand his own on a brawl, although given the chance, he'll most likely flee.

-Shift between monster and human form at will.
-Heightened senses that match a wolf's
-Increased stamina and speed
-Slightly enhanced strength
-Ability to see in the dark
-Very slow Regeneration. Speeds up during a Full Moon.
-Basic knowledge of Martial Arts.

-He can be extremely naive and trusting of others, usually getting him into trouble.
-Doesn't have much of a presence, and can be intimidated easily.
-Now that his hearing and smelling senses are as keen as a wolf's, strong odors and high pitched sounds are a bother.

-Paavo was studying to become a medic; He knows how to patch someone up quickly should the wounds be minor.
-Despite being able to regenerate, A broken bone could take a whole week. Injuries to Brain, or Heart is fatal.
-Silver weapons have no effect on him.
-His mother is of mexican heritage; Paavo speaks perfect Spanish and English.

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