Wish | Characters

Wish | Characters

Wish by Atomic Chinchilla
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'2''
 Created: March 23rd, 2013
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Bio: Wish was once a lively, energetic young woman eager to save the world from an invading evil. She was full of righteous pride and hope, knowing that her power and skill would win the day and triumph over all her foes. She was wrong. In one climactic battle her whole world was shattered. To compound her tragic losses, both of her hands were cut off. And to make matters even worse, the stumps of her wrists are now connected to an unstable warp in reality. She managed to rig up a pair of literal hammerspace pockets in her pants to keep the warp contained, but this means she can never remove her arms from her pockets without causing untold amounts of destruction. This also means she can basically never change her clothes.

Personality: She's tried to adapt to this new state by using her feet in place of hands, but she's very bad at it, making a mess of any task from typing to eating. Her lack of hygiene and her frustration over both her past failings and her present situation have made Wish very antisocial and short-tempered. She's a grouchy killjoy at the best of times, but still retains a desire to do what's right despite her problems. She doesn't make friends easily, but if one is able to get past her shell, she'll be a true friend and valued ally.

Powers/Abilities: In battle, Wish is very fast and agile, darting across the battlefield and giving her foes a powerful kick to the face. She has learned to briefly channel the dimensional warp to other parts of her body, most prominently the soles of her feet. She can open hyperspace portals on her feet and summon nearly any inorganic object she can think of from different planes of reality and use it as transportation or fire it as a projectile; from a car to a hoverboard to booster jets to missiles to even a skyscraper. The bigger the object she fires from the portal, the more strain it puts on her and tires her out faster. She has a degree of superhuman durability due to the warp's effects, but otherwise she is still an average human being.

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