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KJV | Characters

KJV by GlassesSerpent
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'4
 Created: August 20th, 2012
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Name: Kari Jarvis Vittikohuhta (goes by "KJV," her friends call her "Neetch")
Age: early 30s
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs
Profession: Deli owner, wannabe writer

Kari lives with her longtime partner Lu Ram, above their deli, Q's Diner II. She has felt an increasing paranoia over the past few years - a combination of frustration with her job, dissatisfaction at the diner, and worry for Lu, who was born without arms and whom Kari therefore feels she must protect. This paranoia encouraged her to move the diner to a new location she thought might be less stressful. After some highly erroneous research she settled on Void to open up shop, only to find the city populated with super-powered street fighters, monsters, and strange animal people, all of whom seem determined to duke it out right on her doorstep. She'll tell you it frightens and pisses her off, but don't let her fool you: she's never been more in her element.
Her latent natural aggression, which she vents by picking fights with anyone she perceives to be a threat to Lu, gets her into a lot of trouble. She doesn't care about anyone's mob ties, gang membership, or even if they could lift her deli right off its foundations with their bare hands; if she catches a whiff of foul play (real or imagined), she locks onto her target.
She fights mostly with a leather sap - a small, easily concealed weapon designed specifically for breaking bones. While she has no superpowers, she most definitely doesn't know when to quit, and has uncommon intestinal fortitude.

Lu is by no means as vulnerable as Kari might think. Despite being born without arms, she has the advantage of her exceptional height, great confidence, and a much more level head than Kari. She doesn't go out looking for fights like Kari does, but winds up being the rational anchor that keeps them (and not to mention their business) afloat.

Additional information:
Lu and Kari live in a one-room apartment above their diner. It isn't much but it's all they need; Lu spends most of her free time out and about, and Kari prefers to stay locked up with her typewriter. She uses a typewriter because she is secretly just a little bit afraid of computers. She also hasn't made the move from vinyl to CD yet.

Kari is quiet, standoffish, and very slow to warm to people. She doesn't like anyone to touch her except Lu, and then only when no one else is around. She is also completely asexual, which causes a little tension between them.

Kari comes from a non-practicing Jewish family, and considers it a significant part of herself, but is not religious at all. Lu is Amida Buddhist, and arrived at this independently of her Chinese father and Laotian-French mother.

Lu calls Kari "Neetch," a nickname from their highschool days.

They have not been able to get a real marriage license yet, but as they have cohabitated for nearly twenty years they consider themselves married by common law.

Kari used to work as a tattoo artist, but had to quit due to her severe personal space issues that cropped up at that time. She has very light burn scars from where she had a pair of small bat wing tattoos removed from underneath her jaw line.

The billboard in the diner is pictures of all the people who have eaten Kari's specialty panini that includes four slices of sourdough bread, several fake meats, and is spicy enough to make your throat bleed. Many have tried, few succeed.

Void Wiki entry: http://entervoid.wikispaces.com/KJV

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