Koosh and Lapin’s Bio

Koosh-Koosh Status: happy being a dad - Like a stuffed animal but no stitches - Carries essentials in weird stomach space - Quit smoking but still drinks socially - Has a kick-ass wardrobe, "fashion is neat!" - The leader of a whole racing crew that runs races through Void and Shock City - Since he races for cash and such, he owns several vehicles (mostly bikes) - has "the most adorable daughter ever!" Lapin Koosh (check win and loose pose for further ref) Status: being a cool daughter - her mother is Louise the spider lady - capable of shape-shifting, can have four arms and four eyes (both are uncomfortable and she prefers not to) - because of her combined lineage, she is farther along developmentally than her age would suggest (think young child) - does not eat people, "dad says that's bad" - wears kind tomboyish clothes but likes princess dress up too!