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 Gender: MEN!
 Height: 1 giant, 2 average
 Created: May 8th, 2012
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(Note- Edgar Grimsette is an older character I'm re-using. Personally, I didn't really care for how I was handling the storyline with my older Void work and these three characters I've been wanting to use for a personal comic under development. So I would like to practice their character dynamic together. That's about it. :I)

+Name- Raleigh Phillips
-Species- Human
-Age- 41-years-old
-Height- 6'6"
-Weight- 232 lb
-Nationality- British (has a Cockney accent)

+Personality- rather rude, condescending asshole. Can be outright insulting.
-While he can be a rather dedicated to his friends, he still acts kind of dickish to them from time to time.
-has an extremely paternal streak. Soft spot for children
-detests formality and frivolity
-uptight about his own work and passions, but is pretty lazy when it comes to physical activity
-nosy about the activity of others, yet highly secretive of his own- this is due to an untrusting nature
-will tell others his opinion, whether or not it's warranted or not
-despite his asocial tendencies, he can be generous and tries to help others (even though he's still condescending about it)
-intelligent and well-educated, has no problem talking to less, well-educated individuals
-can be charismatic when he wants to be, but is usually too cranky to do so

+Profession- Freelance Writer


+Name- Edgar Grimsette
-Species- Dogote (Coyote/Chow Chow Dog Hybrid)
-Age- 25 -years-old (20 minutes older then Alister)
-Height- 5'9"
-Weight- 172 lb
-Nationality- American (has a Southern Accent)

+Personality- like Raleigh, is a pretty condescending asshole. He's much more sarcastic and snide rather than outright insulting. Passive-aggressive
-tends to be a bit of a loner
-tries to be very hard to hide emotions, such as sadness & fear, with sarcasm and stand-offishness
-Misophobic & suffers from Obsessive-Compulsive disorder
-Uptight about social etiquette
-pretty cowardly
-very loyal to Alister and tends to act like a protective elder brother to Alister (even though they bicker a lot). Also very connected to family, in general.
-easily embarrassed by others
-extremely insecure about self
-Also intelligent and well-read, but tends to dislike people he sees as "stupid"

+Profession- Tour Guide in an Art Museum/Coffee House Barista

+Name- Alister Grimsette
-Species- Dogote (Coyote/Chow Chow Dog Hybrid)
-Age- 25-years-old (20 minutes younger then Edgar)
-Height- 5'9"
-Weight- 100 lb
-Nationality- American (has a Southern Accent)

+Personality- over-zealous, overly excitable and extremely bold
-can be rather immature at times. Tends to act like a giant, rambunctious puppy
-tendency towards being arrogant
-has a very black & white sense of morality
-has Generalized Anxiety Disorder & Panic attacks, but but is so stubborn that he often tries to confront these anxiety issues head on and work through them in a very bull-headed way, despite the psychological toll it may take
-formal situations intimidate him
-beneath his annoying exterior, he has a good heart & good intentions. Can be very empathetic
-loves to fight
-Is very smart, but has little sense in the way of practicality and common sense
-friendly, but socially awkward and tends to talk before thinking

+Profession- Bounty Hunter (or at least fancies himself one)


+Raleigh's Curse- Raleigh is the descendent of Father Dando, a drunken, wicked priest who loved hunting and drink. One night when he was on the hunt, Dando had run out of drink and was offered a drink by a stranger. When Dando asked the stranger where he got the drink, the stranger replied that it was from Hell. Dando replied that if Hell had drink this delicious, then he would gladly go to Hell. It was then that the stranger, who was the devil, took Dando straight to Hell*
This also left a curse on Raleigh's family from Dando onward. Essentially every male from that lineage carries the "Curse of Dando". Every Sunday night (the night Dando was taken to Hell), Dando's male descendants turn into a spectral Hell-Hound version of one of Dando's hunting dogs (called Black Shuck form). In Black Shuck form he has been known to attack strangers, most likely anyone who has been drinking in particular. While he knows about the curse and what it causes, he never remembers what happens when he's in Black Shuck form.

*Note- Story based on European folklore, so it's not mine to claim. Although it's not like any Europeans from the 1400's will be yelling at me for copyright violation.

+Raleigh's relation to Edgar & Alister- Edgar and Alister are fraternal twin brothers. When they were five, family moved to Void City for a job opportunity (Raleigh, on the other hand moved to Void City for "personal reasons"). Raleigh met them at church and soon became a close family friend. One Sunday night, Raleigh appeared in Black Shuck form before the Grimsette family, resulting the death of Grimsette parents (who had been enjoying some glasses of wine) While trying to console the brothers afterwards, Edgar & Alister described to Raleigh the "scary black dog" they saw during the encounter. Raleigh, feeling guilt for foretelling the death of Edgar & Alister's parents, and being of a paternal nature, took in Edgar and Alister. So they are essentially his adopted sons.

+Notes on Edgar & Alister- Edgar and Alister are pretty much just normal people. They don't really have any special powers or anything. Alister generally loves Void City and he finds it prime territory for bounty hunting, even though he does gets his ass kicked a lot. Edgar doesn't like Void City at all, but he's just there since his "family" is there. He just wants to live a normal life, all things considering.

1.) Raleigh, Edgar & Alister are Catholics. Raleigh is gay, though, which causes a lot of embarrassing sexual tension with him. Edgar is straight and Alister is asexual.
2.) Edgar is a good cook/baker.
3.) Alister also likes to build kinetic sculptures out of garbage.
4.) Edgar hates children.
5.) Alister is terrified of thunderstorms.
6.) Raleigh is a cripple. It's a birth-defect that caused him to have no feeling in his leg whatsoever.
7.) Raleigh and Edgar enjoy antiques... Raleigh enjoys more military and "manly" antiques, while Edgar likes frillier antiques.
8.) Raleigh, ironically, has somewhat low self-control when it comes to alcohol. Favorite drink is whisky.

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