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Jules Saphir by Video320
 Gender: Male
 Height: 7 ft
 Created: March 27th, 2012
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Jules Saphir loved to make children laugh. Now he just wants you dead. Driven insane, this elastic, color draining serial killer is now known as the Demon Clown of France.

Saphir has a superior/uninterested demeanor. He'll travel the lands walking through as if other people don't exist, or rather, are not important enough to notice; unless of course he hungers for death, metaphorically and literally. Though these attacks are rare nowadays, the body counts are horrific. His detached personality will fade and become overcome with curiosity when he meets a powerful soul.

- Technicolor Vampire: Unintentionally, Jules will absorb the color of anything or one he touches leaving them completely desaturated. Once physical contact has ceased, the color will return "if still alive." There is no physical damage caused by this. If anything, it is a visual representation of fear.
- Elasticity: Jules has the ability to stretch his body, exaggerating or limiting his anatomy. "Like cloth" is the best way to describe the way he moves.
*note - you can't kill him through physical force alone. To defeat him, you must conquer fear itself.


Jules Vs Gregory T.

Upon Jules arrival to Void city he happened to come across a strong soul. Gregory, on a mission given to him by his boss, ends up in a fight with jules entering both of them into the 2012 Void Invitational Tournament. Jules ended the fight in what he thought was a deathblow. Gregory's healing ablities allowed him to survive

Vs Andy Heller

Round 2 of the tournament. Again, by happenstance, Jules runs into poor Andy and attempts to destroy her. Andy tricks him into getting inside a washing machine and shrinking him, After, she sells him on eBay.
Jules is out of the tourney.

Vs Clydesdale Horse.

In an effort to find Any to seek revenge, Jules runs in Clydesdale. The two argue over ethics. Clydesdale end s the fight once again leaving Jules to wallow in defeat

Vs Void
Jules once again seek s out Heller. In his search Jules catches the attention of some of Void's Best and brightest. Will Jules Win? Can the citizens of void stop him?

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