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Geisser by Barrel
 Gender: Male
 Height: 6'7
 Created: March 25th, 2012
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Who he is:

Geisser was a man, once. A very greedy man. Obsessed with the treasures of the world, he dared to venture deep into places man should never go. It was on one of these adventures that he came across a emmaciated corpse, alone in the middle of a tomb. It was then a voice pierced into the deepest, darkest parts of his mind.

The voice promised wealth and glory, everything that he could ever want so long as he let his spirit live within him to escape the confines of those ancient walls. Foolishly, he accepted without a second thought.

Thus, the man died. His skin and bone were torn from him, replaced with a thick, viscous corruption. Within moments, Geisser stood outside the ruins, now a vessel for the Host of Chaos; Disden.

For years, Geisser was a prisoner in his own body. He watched countless lives end at hands that belonged to him, but acted on their own. Miles and miles of restless travel, city after city... Until one day, he wished for it to stop.. and it did. Disden had given him control of his body. "A gesture of good faith" for their eternity together. Geisser would be allowed to move freely, only so long as he listened to commands issued by his unholy Guest. Though, that doesn't stop Disden from hijacking the controls to go for a joyride when the urge strikes him.

Though, for the first time in a long time, he's found a home in Void City.

What he can do:

Geisser's body no longer consists of muscle and bone, instead replaced with a thick mass of corruption given form through Disden. As such, he only has control of his body so long as the Host chooses to let him. Much in the same vein, Disden also controls what Geisser feels. He can turn off pain, allowing Geisser to push through wounds that would render most incapacitated. He can also increase the amount of pain he feels if he thinks Geisser is being just too argumentative. Or if he's just being a dick.

Geisser's main fighting feature is the ability to redistribute his body mass in a variety of ways. He can stretch his limbs for longer strikes, or condense them for heavier, harder hits. This ability is not limited to his limbs, but trying to hold any other form than humanoid puts a strain on his body from the unfamiliar shapes and movements required. This is most commonly used to simply fit into spaces that would normally be inaccessible.

He will adapt his fighting style to fit his opponent, flowing between quick and heavy styles mid combat.

His most obvious weakness is to simply remove mass from his body, giving him less to manipulate. Another is for the more sharp to try and turn the negative relationship with Disden against him, the discourse between the two often leaving them open for attacks.

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