Jessie Valley | Characters

Jessie Valley | Characters

Jessie Valley by Energy
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'8
 Created: March 24th, 2012
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Name: Jessica Renee "Jessie" Valley
Age: 33
Height: 5'8"
Weight: ???
Birthplace: Lawrence, Kansas, United States
Gender: Female

Likes: Comic books, racing
Hates: Coffee and energy drinks, police officers, criminals (particularly gangsters, terrorists, and illegal arms dealers).

Personality: A bit of a recluse, so she comes off as rather anti-social. Oftentimes she will ignore things unless it has a direct effect on her. She isn't particularly nice, but she will try to reason with others if she thinks there's a point to doing so, but if all else fails, she'll attack the nearest person she sees as a threat.

Fighting Style: Freestyle martial arts using a wide variety of attacks such as punches, kicks, and slams. With her artificial leg, some of these attacks may be difficult to pull off properly.

Story: Jessie, once an ordinary college student, volunteered to lead a simple group of peacekeepers turned elite task force and fought to protect innocent people from anyone who dared to bring harm to them. One of her former comrades betrayed her by intentionally leading her and her friends into a trap. After a few more operations and several failed attempts to capture this traitor, Jessie finally resigned, deciding to become a more mundane vigilante.

Recently, she has joined a small mercenary group led by a short-tempered commander.

Every comic prior to "This Could Be My Last Chance" has been retconned.

Scarmageddon 2016: Jessie is hired to capture someone suspected to be working under the employ of an evil mad scientist. During the attempt, she is ambushed by a monster called "Claw" and loses her right leg in the process. Afterwards, she is given an artificial leg.

Jessie has apparently lost all contact with the other three mercs.

Having abandoned her sense of justice, Jessie now vows to eliminate all corruption and crime from Void City on her own terms. Her first targets: The NVCPD and its allies, as well as an old friend... However, that crusade ended in failure and she was apprehended...

Jessie's wherabouts are currently unknown, but she is said to be living in solitude in a cabin in the outskirts of Void City. What is she planning now?

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