Veiden Corsier | Characters

Veiden Corsier | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 6\'1
 Created: Prior to recording
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Full Name : Veiden Weithgard Corsier
Age : 26
Birthplace : Junice
Height : 6\'1\"
Weight : 207 lbs.
Hair color : Black
Eye color : Gold
Complexion : Pale

Veiden comes from a distant technological empire known as Junice. Orphaned when he was young, he grew up to become a member of the Junician Knights, the elite guard of Junice. One day, however, Junice came under attack by terrible unmanned weapons that wrecked havoc across the entire city. Veiden and his unit struggled to save as many civilians as they could, and managed to grab an escape vessel. Before Veiden made it to the vessel, however, he was caught in an explosion saving a young girl and his right arm and left eye were severely burned. He was immediately taken into the emergency infirmary on the vessel and fixed with crude prostetics, powered by nanomachines. When he awoke, he was in the care of a young girl named Marina Telwillis, whom he shielded from the blast that hospitalized him. Some time after he awoke, the vessel came under attack by the renegade automatons that destroyed Junice, and was going under. Veiden took Marina with him and escaped through an escape hatch, which landed near Void City. Currently, he is hiding away in Void.

Junice is a fairly advanced city, and their machines are powered by plasma. Nanomachine technology (or nanytes) are present in Junician technology. Junician nanytes are fairly primitive compared to the power of other nanytes wielded by other futuristic fighters like Coral, however. Commonly, Junician nanytes are used simply to generate plasma energy, but other advanced (and more expensive) nanytes can be employed for surgical tasks, such as weaving muscles and tissue back together where hands and tools would be too dangerous to reach (hence, how Veiden received optical implants within such a short span of time).

The Junician Knights wielded these weapons called Lances. They are basically long rifles with a straight handle, meant to be wielded both as a firearm and a melee weapon. The back end, which doubles as both a buttstock and a counterbalance, also holds a nanomachine battery which can be activated to conduct energy such as plasma towards the Lance\'s resilient frame, making the Lance effective as a defensive tool against energy-based attacks. In Junice, the Lance was the mark of a Junician Knight, and as such was a symbol of authority; aside from its versatility in combat, Veiden still carries his Lance hoping to preserve his honor as a Junician Knight.

Veiden\'s prosthetic arm is a crude robotic gauntlet powered by a single nanomachine battery to perform basic arm functions. However, by exposing a plasma conduit in his wrist, Veiden can overload his nanyte battery and release a substantial amount of plasma energy through his hand. However, doing this drains the nanyte battery of its power, and the arm resets to its auxillery battery while the main battery has to find a method of recharging. If Veiden cannot recharge his main battery, his auxillery battery will be drained in a matter of days, and his arm will be unusable.

For those of you unfamiliar with Veiden, his history has been completely overhauled as of 10/14/06. With that in mind, assume that this change is retroactive with his fight history, and that his fight history remains the same record-wise. Story-wise, there are some changes to be addressed:
-Monkey Lee vs Veiden: Retroactively, Veiden was called out by Lee in a similar fashion, but was not sheltered in an underground Deserters\' haven, because that no longer exists as per his new history. Let\'s just say he was approached on the street or somewhere in the city.
-Dan vs Veiden: Scrap the idea that Dan was sent to assassinate Veiden, at the time I thought Dan was a ninja-assassin guy =O.
-Charlie vs Veiden: Uhh...I was running with a random alternate universe schtick, but let\'s just assume Charlie beat Veiden in the tournament and he went into hiding afterwards.

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