Subject Miller | Characters

Subject Miller | Characters

 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'10''
 Created: October 31st, 2011
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"What can change the nature of a man?"

To disprove the theory that "cybernetics eat your soul," Centre Technologies has chosen
to directly fuse the brain and spinal cord of one Anna-Marie Miller, to a
Mark III Aerial Frame, Lightweight Custom. Subject Miller was recently dead, the
victim of a highway pileup. Unfortunately, the procedure has a high chance of causing
amnesia to the subject, which no scientist has ever been able to find out the reason why.

At least, that's what she can remember. Anything else before waking up in the derelict
transport was a blur, an echo clawing at the edges of her memories....
Memories she is determined to get back.

The Centre Technologies Mark III Aerial Frame (Lightweight Custom) has many features. The
methods to control and fully utilize these features has been ingrained into Subject Miller's
memories as to be second-nature, such is the promise by the Deep Subconscious Education Division.
For archival purposes, the following is all the abilities and features available to Subject Miller:

- Integral Jet-Pack
- full control over power distribution to subsystems (Micro-fusion battery, rated for 75 years of idle power)
- x10 visual magnification, low-light vision, and rangefinder
- General-purpose Idle Mode, and mobility-enhancing Combat Mode
- One (1) external tool slot on left arm component.
- One (1) Standard Uplink Port and One (1) USB port for interfacing with external machines.
- Head Component is an accurate reconstruction of Subject Miller's face before death,
a precaution to help preserve the Subject's sense of identity. "Skin" and "Hair" is synthetic.
Vocal unit is also tuned to Subject's original voice.
- Full instructions on the proper care and maintenance of the Mark III Aerial Frame.

This memo will also be planted into Subject Miller's memories under orders of the Project Leader.

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