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Miller by PyrasTerran
 Title: Armageddon 2014 Winner, Armageddon 2020 Winner
 Gender: Male-ish
 Height: 5'9'' (175 cm)
 Created: October 30th, 2011
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Private Detective. Vigilante. Murderer. Serial Killer Hunter. Ladies' Man. Nerd. Leader. Slut. Scoundrel. Hero. Monster. Who Miller is can depend on who you ask, and how much they know about who/what Miller really is.

Long ago, to escape extinction, the Vektran alien race successfully invaded Earth by stealing the bodies of millions of humans, and used their psychic powers to rewrite themselves into Earth's history to peacefully coexist with Earthlings.

Miller was the vanguard of the invasion, savior of his species, and due to being the conduit of the process, the most human Vektran of them all. This has led to a crippling guilt that has directed Miller's life ever since to try and make up for his one action through reckless acts of heroism, good deeds, the hunting of serial killers, etc. Miller struggles internally with the human and inhuman sides of his mind, sometimes succeeds, sometimes fails, but he is trying.

Miller has had a long storied history in Void, from social parties to super-powered battles, and even helped save the world twice (Armageddon 2014/2020). He's had many friends and partners that have all come and gone (usually his fault).

While Miller's thought process can often be cold and logical, he tries to make those around him at ease; he can be disarmingly charismatic when needed and is comfortable in both a role of leadership or applying his skills to aid a present leader (or, if needed, manipulate from the shadows for an optimal outcome).

In a life or death conflict, Miller is willing to make hard calls for the greater good, even if it means performing an evil act, or sacrificing a life to save hundreds more. His guilt will sometimes kick in and override some decisions; he can sometimes be self-sacrificial to a fault. It's not uncommon for him to take on more than he can physically manage out of anxiety for making sure it is done right and no one gets hurt.

Vektrans are secretly alien psychic vampires; They feed on cognition (dreams, memories, thoughts, even an entire brain's consciousness) for sustenance. This is often visualized through an ethereal stinger penetrating the head. Vektrans are empathic/telepathic through touch, and also through touch they can access others' minds and "hack" them for a variety of applications (mind control, memory wipe, etc.). In combat, a Vektran will try to touch their opponent in order to hack their mind and end the fight immediately. The human bodies they inhabit don't have particular strengths but through them they can manifest extensions of their mind form for self defense. Vektrans share a hivemind network with one another, able to communicate to each other telepathically without touch and transmit data in milliseconds. The Vektran mind as a whole can process information multiple times faster than a human can. Some Vektrans seem impatient because of how long it can take Earthlings to process and respond to anything. Vektrans will not reveal all they're capable of to others; they will try to keep the nature of their powers a secret for their own security (Vektrans have not discovered how to give birth to Vektran babies in their current host bodies, so they are extremely danger-averse in general. Miller is a black sheep in this case).

Thanks to the meddling of a transdimensional entity, Miller's lifeline is in a state of "paralysis", being brought back to life any time an injury would otherwise kill him, when and how being at the discretion of this entity.

After Armageddon 2014, in order to keep his mind from fracturing due to the events of that ordeal, a forbidden act was made, and Amber was born from that act. Amber mirrors Miller in some ways; where she is colder on the outside, she holds a more stable human heart and has no penchant for social destruction the way Miller does with his relationships. But hidden behind the posh exterior, she secretly craves danger in a way beyond even Miller's drive. While Miller is content with an apartment in the South Side of Void City, Amber lives a privileged high class lifestyle with a condo in Caelum and even a fancy skycar, cars in general being one of her passions.

Before Vektrans were hive-minded or vampiric, they were an intelligent reality-bending alien species living on the edge of this world and the astral plane of dreams. To escape extinction from an apocalyptic event that engulfed their solar system the Vektrans shed their bodies and slipped into the void, forming a hivemind to protect their minds. To return to the world in new bodies, Rem infiltrated the psychic mind of North English aspiring poet Jason Miller, both minds into a new personality and shedding the old one. Rem is that old, alien, pre-human personality, who wanders the lands of the dead.

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