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Izanami by JCee
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'4
 Created: October 24th, 2011
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Name: Izanami
Age: 19 (23 currently)
Place of Birth: Kyoto, Japan.

Personality: Quiet, shy and wary of most people, avoids confrontation whenever she can. Despite being foreign to Void, she can be rather resourceful. Speaks some English with Japanese being her main language.

Like/s: Singing, music, cats, pandas, jelly, bubble tea.

Dislike/s: Agents, needles, fighting, cramped dark rooms, hamburgers, many of the strange and dangerous looking denizens of Void.

Ability/s: Toxic skin that burns like nettles to the touch. The deadliest poison lies in her mouth. Poisonous saliva will instantly kill either through a bite or kiss. Her hair is non-toxic.

Strength/s: Immune to all kinds of poisons and sedatives. Will never fall ill. Quick on her feet.

Weakness/s: Not a fighter so she is forced to run away, or rely on her toxic capabilities to escape nasty situations. When out and about, she wears small, protective gloves to avoid any accidental poisoning.

Izanami was born with an extremely rare bloodtype that blesses the host with a powerful immunity system, protecting them against all known diseases and cancers. This grants the host a very long life expectancy.

While walking home from school one day, 14-year-old Iza was abducted by a foreign government agency who then imprisoned her in a dark laboratory and subjected her to five painful years of lethal poison and chemical testing, to test the bloodtype's endurance and powerful immunity. The experiments transformed Iza's body internally and physically into a walking poison.

Eventually Iza escapes her imprisonment, but once she reached safety she realized she was no longer in Japan, but a large foreign city known as Void. Soon after her escape, the agency put out a bounty on her (labeling her as a public menace) for her retrieval. To avoid capture, Iza wore concealing clothes to hide her features, most notably her green hair.

Four or so years have passed and much as happened since her escape. Iza has recently found a place to live and now has a job working at the WULF Tea bar in WULFtown. Having finally settled, Iza decides to try and make the best of things while she is stuck in Void.

Other note/s:

Her real name is Momoka Iseyama, and before her abduction she dreamt of becoming a famous singer. She took on the name Izanami to avoid detection (it was also the name she planned to use once she skyrocketed to fame).

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