Madman Han | Characters

Madman Han | Characters

Madman Han by Jake
 Gender: Male
 Height: 5\'10
 Created: Prior to recording
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---Official Subject Profile---
Subject #033605
Name: Han
Alias: Madman Han
Age: Unknown
Height: 5\'10\"
Weight: Estimated to be 250 lbs
Han was taken as a child by a secret weapons development team that opperates independantly and sells weapons to warring nations. Brainwashed and trained to be a perfect assassin, Han has no memory of what his life was like before he was taken, all he knew was the facility he is housed in and what he has been taught.

Near the completion of Han\'s training, a scientist inside the organization became ridden with guilt. He tried to destroy Han in his sleep. Han\'s well trained ear detected the scientist and when attacked Han killed the man.

When Han killed his attacker, his mind unstable from the extensive medication and rigorous training, combined with the new sensation of having taken one\'s life caused him to snap. Han broke out of the facility, killing anyone who tried to stop him.

When a barricade was set up to stop Han he easily snuck past, for he had been trained in the use of stealth techniques. Before leaving, Han grabbed a man from the barricade and drug him into an alley. There he killed the man and took his body armor. On the body armor, Han has painted the word \"GOD\" in red to mock the people he kills. On his deltoid is a tattoo depicting Pandora\'s Box, on his belt are two pouches filled with grenades and small explosives.

He loves to kill. Blood, violence, screams, it all excites him. This, however, is not his only desire. He will also pursue a challenging opponent, a fine weapon, anything that enhances his abilities or inflicts fear. He loves to inflict fear. He could kill you instantly or draw it out with mocking and torture.

When he needs to eat, he eats ravenously. His diet ranges from raw fruits and vegetables to raw meat or even gourmet foods- whatever is close by- sometimes even human flesh and blood.

His manner changes depending on the situation. Usually calm and cool, almost poetic. During a massacre however, he becomes excited, exhilarated, his eyes widen and he grins. The sensation he experiences is said to be similar to that which a cocaine user would experience after a large dosage. During a battle with a skilled opponent he becomes more serious, putting forth his all. If pushed to the edge he becomes blind to pain (he may even find it funny), he will fight like a wounded animal until he regains the upper hand.

He sees the majority of humans as pathetic and stupid- only good for entertainment. They rush about day to day doing insignificant tasks, oblivious to their own uselessness. He finds sex and obesity to be filthy, disgusting, nauseating.

The full extent of his insanity, strength, and intelligence are all unknown.

To say the subject is dangerous would be an understatement, it is vital that his capture be quick and well executed, for the sake of Void City and any other place unlucky enough to be called his home.

Last Seen Wearing:
Body Armor- Gunmetal Black with dark red lettering
Pants- Crimson Red
Belt- Black
Pouches- Black
Shoes- Black with gunmetal design

---End File---

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