Wizzie Belles | Characters

Wizzie Belles | Characters

 Title: Armageddon 2017 Winner, Magic Mayhem Mofo 2018, Character of the Year 2018
 Gender: Female
 Height: Smaller than Gray
 Created: July 8th, 2011
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Name: Wizzie Belles
Age: 24
Race: Witch/meta-human
Nationality: British

Hot headed, impulsive and brash, she’s an act now think later kind of lady. Wizzie is quite sensitive and stubborn, easy to fluster, prone to letting her emotions get the better of her.

Reckless, fiercely passionate with a fiery temperament, Wizzie refuses to let anyone challenge who she is or what she wants to do, and pulled between a moral compass and an embedded unruly streak, things can get pretty complicated. she IS one of the good guys - or at least - that's what she tells herself.


Wizzie is magical; she descends from an ancient early race of witches referred to as Star Singers.

Biologically capable of harnessing cosmic energy from the universe in the form of manipulated energy, how these humans became biologically capable and essentially becoming a human-subspecies is unknown due to lack of recording and shrouded in myths and theories, in fact there's not much information on them at all, even in the old texts.

Wizzie’s body instinctively collects cosmic energy which is harnessed for all sorts of telekinesis-like powers, primarily flight and the ability to create energy blasts which Wizzie often uses as her main method of offence.

These abilities however are the untamed/raw elements of Wizzie’s inherited abilities, as Wizzie is a witch, she has the capability to form this energy to cast more refined skills (potions, spells, charms), but is untrained in doing so.


Wizzie is the host of a sentient universal energy referred to as "The Spirit". A mysterious and powerful sentient energy, The Spirit is without real form yet takes on a reflection of its host.

The Spirit has been around since before the beginning of time and exists to keep and protect the balance of the universe. The Spirit usually has little to do with Wizzie's day-to-day life.

However, The Spirit's presence inside Wizzie also makes Wizzie Semi-immortal; according to Spirit, if Wizzie is killed she will be brought back to life until it is the end of her "cycle" (read 'Entwined' for more details) whenever that may be is a unknown to Wizzie.

The presence of The Spirit bestows its host great power with the ability to absorb a faster quantity of energy. The Spirit's greatest asset to its host, however, is the ability to revive the host from fatalities, essentially rendering them immortal - to an extent. The Spirit will cease doing this once their cycle has followed through.

The knowledge of Spirit is sporadic across numerous magic and intergalactic cultures and societies. Some consider The Spirit as a divine entity where as others deem it malevolent yet most disregard it as an old fable or bedtime story.


Wizzie is not trained in any particular discipline, as a result her close range combat is pretty haphazard but not hopeless. Wizzie's preference is long range and in-flight, as she is more agile and can shoot/blast/throw magic at her opponent, in dire situations she can erupt catastrophic explosions.

If fighting close range, Wizzie is a brawler, more likely to grab and grapple but can also throw punches while using her powers. Wizzie is also incredibly strong by the standards of an average human, but not impossible to overpower.

Wizzie's core strength is in her legs and lower-body rather than her upper-body, meaning she's got a better chance doing more damage to an opponent with a kick than she is with a punch if she is unable to use magic.

Her magic powers also mean she can move heavy objects in her surrounding environment to use at her advantage, she can also use her powers to create a shield to protect herself or a large bubble to protect herself (and others within close proximity).


Born in England, Wizzie and her older brother, Houdini, were raised by their Great Aunt Minerva.

Apart from Wizzie's small family, she did not grow up around any other witches or variation of meta-human; so moving to Void City was a learning curve.

A couple of years after her Great Aunt's passing, Wizzie escaped to Void City from her hometown, aged 18, as a fugitive and has never returned or spoken to her brother since.


- Her closest friend and roommate is Jiko Shi
- Her boyfriend is Mammon, of Murphy's Law.
- Wizzie gives a lot of attitude but doesn't like to be on the receiving end.
- a self proclaimed anarchist, she believes in the governing of oneself than one governing over others.
- Her real name is Elizabeth Rose Belles, but this is not common knowledge and does not appreciate being referred to as such.
- Wizzie grew up struggling with her powers, she’s better at it now. Sort of.
- She had a bout at playing ‘Hero’ for the city but that didn’t really work out for her.

To read Wizzie's storyline, including other comics not included in Wizzie's personal achieve - go to this playlist: http://entervoid.com/index.php?action=playlists;id=45

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