Inelle | Characters

Inelle | Characters

Inelle by Rara/Ipsen
 Gender: Female!
 Height: 5'4"
 Created: February 1st, 2011
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Full name: Corbelle "Inelle" Pericola

Age: ... 18? (She's hitting it pretty close, at least...)

Height: 5'4" (Can't lie out of this one.)

Weight: 110 lbs. (Claims to be 95lbs. Don't be fooled, she's not that thin!)

Background: Inelle had had a difficult and abused childhood---especially growing up in the violent, dangerous VOID City. Unlike most children, Inelle never had the luxury of taking up music and art as a hobby; rather, her talents consisted of felony and scandal for the sheer sake of survival. She has been bred to trust no one and to fend only for herself. But alas, she still was a human girl, and desire and fantasy were secretly held onto. Even if not all were entirely innocent or moral.

Despite the hardened lifestyle she was inevitably forced into, she had met benevolence in a young male of a forgotten race. He was kind and dear to her, and inspired her to view life in a new, happier perspective. Eventually, they fell in love, and vowed to spend their life together so long as it lasted... Until the day the young man witnessed her full violent potential, and fled from her, frightened and deceived.

Out of immense grief, Inelle's life reverted back to its vicious former cycle. Bitterness returned to her heart twofold, and from then on she matured into deadly insanity incarnate, a dangerous raven preying in the city of VOID.

Personality: She's a bitch. Acts like a violent, spoiled child when situations do not turn out the way she pleases. Has very little value, if any, for the lives of others. Sex-bomb jailbait. Obsessed with Eastern pop teen fashion. Enjoys just about any media involving gruesome violence---videogames, music, etc. Hates quiet, open spaces. Intimidated by bees and wasps.

Weapons of Choice: [Primary] "Will-O'-Whisp", a glowing ectoplasmic orb attached to a thin, sharp string. Whereas the string itself is the most dangerous, the Whisp can cause burn-like injuries. [Secondary] "Gale Blades", two cerulean, curved daggers. [Tertiary] "Pokey", a pointed bo used as a lance.

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