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 Created: January 24th, 2011
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-In the outskirts of LX-01, and in it’s lower levels, there’s a myth about an inhuman ancient race, known as THE HEARTLESS ONES, THE SHADOW WALKERS,or, THE SPECTRUMS.
Little it’s known about them…only that they appear time to time…that they are dangerous, and they fed upon feelings.

Physical characteristics:
-No sex/genderless.
-variable weight.
-variable height.
-His head is like a skull, while is face is like a mask, color white.
No mouth, no nose, no ears, only eyes…white inside, with no cornea.
-Eyes may glow bright, if Spectrum is powered.
-His body is a formless form, a shapeless shape…(ok I’ll stop)…
He is a shape-shifter so, he’s able to change and control his shape at his will…(EXAMPLE: grow Legs, tentacles, razor limbs, claws, apendixs… )
-Body made by a maleable,dark, wet and cold substance…can make the near darkness areas as his own extention of his body.

-Er…Spectrum and his race they have no “personality”,no “ego”, they lack that…instead, they have an “hive mind-like”,like bees or ants,the only thing that matters to these folks is FOOD…so,lets hunt some feelings!
-Spectrums are hollow emotionally, they don’t have any kind of feeling themselves.
-Somehow, they have “preference” for negative feelings as hate,unrational fear or despair…they are kinda “tastier”,in an odd way…huh…am I contradicting myself…?
-To the Spectrums, human beings are only a nice food source, with a range of feelings so variated as tutty-frutty sallad for us.
-They don’t know about humans customs.In fact, they don’t know about nothing…they don’t even have a culture themselves. -Spectrums have the tendency to stupidly disguise themselves as his preys,to lure them…the funny part is that this behavior only works with small primitive creatures, or low I.Q. beings.
-When Spectrums aren’t hibernating, they moove sloowwww…just like a zombie, a little bit numb…this changes completely when they are in hunter/stalker mode.
-You can call them emotions vampires, feellings suckers...Spectrums are like leechs,parasites.
-After fed, they leave behind a diying corpse, unless something cuts the contact between Spectrum and pray.

-Intangibility ( in darkness only )
-Controlling darkness, moving through darkness faster ( not teleport ), blends with shadows.
-Weak levels of hypnose/mental suggestions ( the effectiveness of this power will depend on the prey’s strong will. )
-Ability to mimic other species form, after the first encounter with the other specie ( this often happens during a battle ).
-Memories keeper ( huh…keeps all the victims memories…can get access to informations this way. He can share memories with other beings too, by touching them. )

Weak points:
-have no interest in a long on going battle,because that drains too much precious energy of him…in that position, he may turn away and leave the battle.
-Day time/day light it´s no good for him.
Spectrum’s race are a predatory like race, so…they hibernate by day, feed by night!
Also, the day light leave them slyghtly blind…they have sensitive eyes, speccially adapted to dark habitats.

May loose against:
-High technological weaponry.
-Robotic and artificial beings ( lack of feelings ).
-Creatures without feelings.
-Creatures with superior mental powers ( can control Spectrum’s brain )
-Creatures with the ability to concentrate ( no thought, no feeling, zen state! )
-Omnipotent God-like beings who can contain Spectrum’s power.

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