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 Gender: Physically Male
 Height: 5'7"
 Created: December 24th, 2010
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Age: Appears to be physically in the prime of youth. Mid 20’s in real world time.
Weight: 170 lbs
Alignment: CHAOTIC NEUTRAL-ish

TL;DR - Zedan Dromer is a dream-walking magic man with tattoo powers. He's inquisitive and emotional, and prefers not to fight if he doesn't have to.
He is a thief for hire, specializing in stealing mystical/supernatural objects and arcane info. He gets into lots of weird trouble on the side.
He doesn’t sleep, but gets rejuvenated by dream-walking and attending artistic performances.

Zedan is a Dream Being made flesh. He was cast out of the Dreamlands, and can't go back, so he's set up shop in the waking world.
He's obsessed with magical/supernatural artifacts and knowledge, and with finding a way back to his native reality. He can manifest his tattoos and enter dreams (where he can shape and control them).
Zedan is nomadic, with no permanent residence..

He is currently operating as freelance magic user and a thief for hire. He goes by "Max Everlight" when doing thieving work.
His more legitimate services include dream therapy, glamour charms, and occasional personal bodyguard.

*Zedan tried to form a gang called the Marked Guard, but then IMPACT DAY happened. Zedan left the city, and has been searching elsewhere for information that will help him get home.
There is no place quite like Void City though, and he has returned to the nexus of power to seek new connections and acquire new allies in his quest...

Zedan is inquisitive and generally optimistic. He can be a bit of a prankster and likes to poke fun at people.
He will go out of his way to follow interesting people and try to get into adventures. He has very little consideration for night and day, as he does not need to sleep.
His emotions run much closer to the surface that normal humans, and he has a tendency to make strange observations about the nature of reality.
He will sometimes slip into dissociative states, as if his mind is wandering outside his body. He does not believe everything he experiences is always real.

Also, he loves books.

Zedan will avoid actual offensive fighting, even when he is being attacked. He prefers to distract and avoid, or to bind and disable the threat while making his escape.
He is adept at using his environment to his advantage. He uses a long knife that can extend into a spear.
He has never killed a sentient being, and doesn’t know if he is capable of it.

Zedan can physically enter people's dreams, and travel between locations via sleeping individuals.
Once in dreams, he can shape and manipulate the dreams to his desires, assuming complete control at times (although this requires a lot of concentration).
He can talk to the subconscious mind of the dreamer if he can locate it.

- Superhuman athletic agility and reflexes
- Resistant to telepathy (causes physic feedback)
- Illusion/glamor Magic user
- Ritual Magic user (glyph based, scrolls, sigils, etc.)
- Summons magic tattoo constructs*

- Floating hand tattoos
- Wings (for short flights)
- Bands of binding (pretty strong, but not against high level super-strength)
- Defensive shield (uses all his energy)
- Strength/stamina/speed boost (only used as a last resort)
- Additional custom tattoos (get creative!)

*Zedan must preform a daily ritual to replenish his magic stores. He is limited by the amount of magical energy each tattoo effect consumes with each use.

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