Silver Hannity | Characters

Silver Hannity | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 5'7
 Created: December 12th, 2010
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Silver "The Thunderstrike" Hannity is the recipient of many accolades and awards for various acts of bravery and selflessness - all awarded by himself, of course. Although he's clever, quick with a knife and (more or less) courageous in the face of danger, his positive qualities are set off by his loud, abrasive mouth, his dangerous impulsiveness or his endless strings of childish jokes and only his vague awareness of proper conduct in public.
He likes praising himself and his handsomeness, tact, and general badassery, though most of this is tongue in cheek and touched with sarcasm; although he does like himself, he thinks he could be sharper with a cooler temper. He's also restricted by a strong sense of morality. He will move to hurt people who've proven themselves to be problems, but he generally tries to overcome people peacefully. Powerful people who ignore him and continue in wrongdoings annoy him to no end and make him feel useless.

Anger provokes him into harsh sarcasm, sadness into fury, happiness into an egomaniacal fit of self-praise and jokes, fear into silence, and listlessness into a state of intense reflection upon philosophy and the beauty of the world around him, whatever beauty he can find.

Born to a family of butchers, Silver abhors eating meat; everything else, he enjoys, but avoids overeating since having overcome an addiction to cake in his teens. He learned how to fight and throw knives from a young age. His work in a secret intelligence squad has helped him hone his hand-to-hand combat abilities, which he prefers to the knives since he doesn't have the heart in him to hurt anyone but those who absolutely deserve it. He will avoid making or witnessing kills if he can. He spends his time playing cards, bringing up the morale of his squad, reading (when he's alone), and trying to pick up women. He's been unlucky with girls so far - most are either too stupid for him to tolerate or too smart to tolerate him. Having been previously ripped off for his possessions, Silver zealously guards whatever little he has and has an inherent distrust in women and authority figures. His trust is not easy to earn, but once you have it, you have it for life.

Silver works for a secret unit of men with unclear aims; for the most part, they deal with law enforcement between larger diplomatic missions like assassinations and rarely, Silver's solo attempts to change a certain policy of a foreign leader with his skills of suggestion. This group is secretive and attempt to hide their association in public, but in private they freely converse. Silver is lead by his commander, Shrift, and is aided by a sniper named Vesper, a recon expert named Eidolon, a science officer named Rank, a soldier named Paper and a healer named Silas.

Silver has the ability to influence the actions and thoughts of others subconsciously. It will not reverse anyone's state of mind - rather, it can help steer a person a certain way. For example, if he was facing an angrier opponent, he'd say something like, "Relax! No reason to get so worked up over this, let's think about it, let's work it out." This has a chance of calming the opponent down and making him or her more rational or open to his other suggestions. This ability can be activated consciously by him; on principle, he tries not to use it unless he has to unless he feels like he's justified, like ripping off a crooked restaurant owner for a free lunch.

The work with his squad is secretive. He mainly performs interrogations, which are made easier with his ability. He is very proud of this work, as before him, his squad used torture. Silver coaxes his charges into speaking without getting injured. For this purpose, he can tolerate the other seedier work of his squad like killings and deceit. He's not quite sure what their purpose is yet, as they only get pieces of the puzzle and not the whole picture. He aims to find out someday.

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