Todd Susser | Characters

Todd Susser | Characters

 Gender: Male
 Height: 6'1
 Created: December 2nd, 2010
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Full Name: Theodoric Solomon Susser
Age: 25
Affiliation: The Orphanage
Known Relatives: Gaspard (grandfather), Ulysses (father), Theodora (twin sister)

Todd was born into a long line of demon summoners and diabolists, dating as far back as the Eleventh Century. He was raised wealthy and became accustomed to that lifestyle. His father Ulysses never enjoyed the privileged life, and left the home when Todd was ten. At the age of eighteen, Todd’s grandfather Gaspard gave him the Lesser Seal, an ancient demon summoning artifact. Shortly afterward the Susser Clan was contacted by lawyers of the Orphanage, requesting assistance with their mysterious Gate Project. Todd, eager to use his newly acquired powers, jumped at the chance.

Todd is impulsive, selfish, and self-obsessed. He only considers the well being of others if it affects him in some way. He loves to boss his demons around, and while he despises manual labor he will engage in crude hand-to-hand combat if backed into a corner.

Equipment and Abilities:
Todd’s ring, known in Biblical times as the Lesser Seal, contains seventy-two demons. These Demons of Pleasure once occupied an Other World with the Demons of Fear. The Fears conquered that realm, slaughtering many Pleasures and driving the few survivors into a pocket dimensions within the Lesser Seal. Todd can call upon any of the demons at any time, but each demon has a Code, or special limit to their abilities that must be respected. The Codes range from minor nuisances to major obligations.

For example:
- Bathin, the Demon of Instant Gratification, can teleport Todd to any general location, but not specifically to get near another person. “Take me to Void Park” works, but “Take me to my father!” doesn’t.
Astaroth, the Demon of Physical Pleasure, can cause a pleasurable sensation in others, unless the target is currently experiencing physical pain.
Beleth, the Demon of Domination, can coerce mortals to obey Todd’s commands, as long as Todd acts humbly and respectfully towards Beleth herself.
Paimon, the Demon of Curiosity, will answer any question about magic or demons that Todd asks, as long as Todd truthfully answers any question of Paimon’s choosing.
Murmur, the Demon of Recovery, can summon the spirit of any dead being and guarantee its cooperation, as long as Todd sacrifices a mortal life beforehand.

When given a task, the demon will respond, “Such is my Pleasure,” to which Todd often replies “And your Duty.” [NOTE FOR ARTISTES! The names of the 72 Demons can be found in the Ars Goetia, part of a 17th Century magic book. Take the names, and design the demons however you like!]

According to Susser Clan legend, there is such a thing as the Greater Seal, but what it does and what it looks like is largely unknown.

Youth and Young Manhood:
- Born (along with twin sister Theodora) to Ulysses and Lilah Susser; Lilah left Void City
- Ulysses left the Orphanage's service, leaving Todd and Theo in the care of their grandfather
- Met and befriended Buster Jones as boys
- Gaspard Susser gave Todd the Lesser Seal
- Became aware of the Green Man, a demonic presence that appears to him as a vision

Agent of the Orphanage:
- Tasked by Logos with halting Gypsy Moth's heroic career; framed Gypsy Moth for murder
- Assigned to partner with Kuma; attacked by Anya Corentin and her demon Kirykas
- Kirykas killed Bathin; Beleth killed Kirykas
- Pursued by Mr. Awesome, sent by the VCPD to bring him in
- Unsuccessfully attempted to recruit Christopher Clarke
- Became engaged to Katherine D. Lamia, due to Sodah's manipulations
- Reunited with Buster Jones; flirted with him before Orphanage duties got in the way
- Fathered a son with an unknown woman
- Killed by Buster, who also took his son to raise

Death and Afterwards:
- Met ogre Ashley Longhorn in Limbo; had a brief fling with him
- Resurrected alongside Ashley as a servant to Hazlett Quilliams

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