Frank and Emmelia | Characters

Frank and Emmelia | Characters

 Gender: Male and Female
 Height: 5'11
 Created: October 26th, 2010
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While Frank and Emmelia appear to be nothing more than mutated abominations of a former human construct, a closer look would reveal…that the aforementioned statement is quite accurate. Nevertheless! As with all things unnatural to this and that planet, there is some kind of explanation to its design; acceptable or not. By mere observation, it’s safe to assume that the development of these seemingly mutants could unlikely be approved by the general public. Alas, they will have little to say against it when this mischievous duo comes to town, with all their dirty, gooey treats. And how uncomfortable the civilians will be when they must bare witness to the orders of an ill-gotten mastermind and his unliving, ever-loving pet.

- Background.
Emmelia was once a pretty young woman, and perfectly human, until an infatuation with the observation of death inevitably lead her to a pretty seat in a brand new electric chair. Whatever abnormalities that rested within the complexities of her strange brain, survived while over 2ooo volts of electricity drilled through her tiny body. And it was this very oddity that caused her to claw out of her buried coffin and burst out of the dirt ground and finally creep into our living world, many years later. Refreshed by unlife and empowered by rotting immortality, she became a whole new Emmelia.

- Personality.
However strange as a child, she became only stranger (obviously) as an individual of the undead…otherwise known as a “zombie”. Unlike your sauntering, slow, puss-leaking, walking dead, Emmelia is a unique specimen of her kind. While body parts are a likely tasty treat, she can get by on a much more convenient and efficient sustenance: blood. Fully fed, Emmelia becomes a quick, sporadic opponent, whose fighting style is much like bouncing a rubber ball amidst dominoes, (go ahead, picture it!). In this state, she is easily excitable (though rarely coherent), animalistic, and hungry for more. Outside of this state, or starving, she does become that slow-moving, dumb corpse.

- Weapons.
This little monster has only a few simple weapons:
-mouth; filled with disgusting bacteria and extended k-9s on top and bottom jaw, but not contagious.
-limbs; any and all, including yours.
-sleeve straps; modified straight jacket sleeves have created the perfect whipping device

Emmelia wouldn’t travel our complicated and foreboding world alone for very long, as along came the hero of this tale-- and the bad guy of anyone else’s. His name is Frank.

- Background
Frank is an all-around uncomfortable fella. Growing up, he was the neighbor’s freak kid who liked throwing rocks at squirrels and tormented his toys in the backyard. As a late teenager, he would finally advance to the big leagues of messed-up individuals, and kidnap a schoolmate. He was later arrested for kidnapping and torturing a minor, at his own age of an unfortunate 18 years. It wasn’t long in prison before his awful need had him taking literal spoonfuls out of his cellmates. He spent the rest of his years in solitary confinement, where the madness of his addled brain only grew and strengthened. Once his time was up, Frank was released to probation, where he eventually disappeared into hiding. But the widespread “plague”, as some called it, of evolutionary beings, mutants, and other strange, inhuman things, had the madman’s interest peaked. And in a poorly researched attempt to personally study one such unagreeable test subject, this now very stupid man ingested an aggressive, airborne disease that would, through the years, deteriorate and torment his own body, making him a victim of his own game. Refusing to give in to death due to an unfathomable fear of it, Frank used his research on amateur machinery and plumbing to recreate parts of his dying body. Now, Frank faces his dreaded horror every day in the mirror and is constantly repairing himself to avoid the visit from that cool touch of lifelessness.

- Personality.
Awkward. Diseased. Unpleasant. These are the best words utilized to describe the presence of mister Frank. Thanks to a poorly repaired voice box and trachea, the sound of Frank’s voice is agonized and mechanical, and speaking too long causes him to occasionally cough and gag. He walks with a gimp in his right leg, kudos to a stiff ankle he repaired using nailed-in, rusting metal. Frank is constantly touching his face, and poking his fingers into the holes and tears in his left cheek, possibly caressing the visible muscle and tissue…gross.

- Weapons.
There honestly isn’t much Frank can do against a healthy opponent. He’s slow, weak, and suffers a variety of inconvenient bodily impulses; coughing, choking, gagging, wincing. But there is one great weapon the madman prides himself in: Emmelia.

Emmelia was without a brain, without motive, without worthy conscience. Thus, she was alone and depraved in her travels and her adventures were short to naught. Frank was without strength, without protection, and fears the inevitable that comes with mortality. Thus, he too was alone and depraved in his travels, and found adventuring too risky. But on one fateful evening, on a night that seemed to perfect for lovers to stay in with locked doors, these two met like longing magnets, the connectivity so perfect. Emmelia, the monster without a master; and Frank, the master without a monster. Plus, Emmelia’s masochistic obsession with abuse did well for a man that loved to torture; and what better way to combine lust with need? Frank found it easy to control her, so long as she would get what she wanted in the end, and she was exactly what he needed, and accomplished everything he so passionately desired - a pet that wouldn’t run away and wouldn’t die. They meshed effortlessly, terrorizing their victims in the dread of late night, leaving police forces sick and baffled at the sight of their playtime’s remains. From location to location they traveled, until they inevitably came to a city that contained a most arousing opportunity; to live amidst a mass of various inhumans and beasts, where crime goes rarely unpunished if you are so clever. And Frank is very clever. So for them both, he decided to step beyond the fenced boundaries of VOID CITY, handling his leashed monster with such arrogant pride, and attempt the feats of new subjects and playmates.

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