GIGARA | Characters

GIGARA | Characters

GIGARA by PyrasTerran
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'2'' (1.6m)
 Created: October 1st, 2010
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PARK KIM (first name Park)

Korean American aged late 20's

Personality traits: Look up "rowdy" in the dictionary and you will find Park. She is fierce and fiery, she speaks her mind and it isn't always pretty. But this is how she copes; exclamation mitigates unwanted transformations. Though it doesn't always look it, even when Park gets angry she rarely ever loses control or acts without thinking. She has a good heart hidden behind the thorns. She gives people nicknames.

History: Park lived a regular life in her Pacific Northwestern town until she was diagnosed with leukemia. A shady organization offered free experimental treatment using resilient organic material found deep beneath the earth's crust. Although she was cured, it cursed her with the ability to transform into a heat-absorbing kaiju, triggered whenever she got too angry, excited, anxious, etc. Her parents and town became her first victims. For a while she tried to hide and control her powers by suppressing her emotions, but the beast would rise up sooner or later, leading to more death and destruction. Then came the day that she defeated a rampaging elder god, catching the attention of VNI agent Edge who took her in to help her learn to control her powers. With the help of hired fellow monster-shifter Angela Rudell and after years of blood sweat and tears to get there, Park finally became one with the beast within and can function freely among the population, to a point. She continued to fight elder gods/outer gods/great ones for Edge, as well as the occasional kaiju, until The Long Night came, an apocalyptic event that Park Kim was not ready for. Frozen in hibernation for years after the disaster subsided, Park was long thought dead until she was picked up by a traveler from space. She struggled to find new purpose in her life after peace has returned to the planet. When the chance to fight came, she answered the call, not realizing that her presence on the scene triggered an ancient feud between Gigara and the lunar kaiju Somadis. The resulting battle led the world to ruin, and through a harrowing adventure involving time travel and reconciling the painful shared history between the kaiju siblings, Park returned to a timeline of peace. Fed up with the conflicts of man, Park found peace living in the wilderness with her half brother Somadis, bunking in an old friend's cabin and living off the fat of the land. Park still helps WULF from time to time, but otherwise stays away from the issues of the city, focusing instead to be a watchdog against foreign threats to the planet, just as Gigara was millions of years ago.

-Combat training from Edge and Angela Rudell.
-Park can transform into Gigara and back again at will.
-Park has a cooling system surgically installed through her body that helps release excess heat through ports across her body. She also often wears a special containment suit that further prevents unwanted transformations and makes her body temperature relatively safer to those around her.
-Park's cells, enhanced by Gigara's, make her practically immortal, immune to disease and able to resist poison and injury; even a bullet to the head would be stopped and regenerated. Any lethal physical trauma however would automatically trigger a transformation into Gigara.
-Park can tap into her inner kaiju with super strength and jumping, and she can superheat her body to the point of causing objects she touches to burn, ignite or melt.
-Park seems immune to the madness-inducing auras of elder gods/outer gods/great ones, one of the reasons Edge hired her.
-Park's powers grow the hotter things get, she absorbs heat like Gigara. But like Gigara her powers are also at their weakest the colder it is. If it is cold enough, she cannot transform at will.



heat-absorbing kaiju

Personality traits: As Gigara, Park retains her intelligence but cannot speak, and is more prone to instinctive ferocity.

History: Ancient legends speak of a daughter of the Earth and the Sun, their champion, who would defend their home against invaders. Kaijuologists and Paleontologists have found evidence that Gigara was present in nearly every mass extinction event that Earth has undergone, including that which wiped out the dinosaurs, always battling something. It is believed Gigara was practicing fierce territorial instincts against whatever may have been responsible for said extinction events. However, no records exist of what became of the kaiju or how her organic matter came to be found deep beneath the earth's crust, to be used to save a dying girl and be reborn. It has since been discovered that Gigara and the kaiju Somadis are half siblings, and once mortal enemies. Park was able to bring reconciliation between the two entities though, and now they live peacefully as family together.

-When Park transforms into Gigara she usually starts out no larger than about 15 feet, but as she continues to absorb heat around her and from heat-based attacks she will continue to grow in size and power. A limit has not been found yet.
-Gigara can use concussive heat-based breath weapons that like her grow stronger the more heat she absorbs. When she is in her smaller form she is only able to fire off orbs of heat, but when she starts reaching the height of buildings she can fire a concentrated heat beam that can easily turn a beach to glass.
-While Park is able to regenerate injury with ease, Gigara actually is not completely indestructible; it takes a lot, but she can accrue enough damage that may force her to transform back into Park.
-Like Park, Gigara's main weakness is the cold; cold weapons can cause her to slowly shrink, to the point that she is forced back into Park's human form. Of course, the larger Gigara has gotten, the greater and deeper freeze is needed

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