Hellgator | Characters

Hellgator | Characters

Hellgator by ironlion82
 Gender: Male
 Height: 5'10
 Created: September 14th, 2010
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Date of Birth: Unknown

Place of Birth: Somewhere in the swamps of Louisiana

Origin: In the swamps of Louisiana, a race of humanoid/reptilian hybrids was discovered. After the capture and extensive scientific research of many of these creatures, they were dubbed Homo Crocodilia (Crocodile Men). But the Baptist minister Rufus Ronald Atwell, believing them to be demons, called them Hellgators. The name stuck.

Being a gentle species the Hellgators wanted nothing more than to be left alone in their swamps. But because of their inability to speak and predatory instincts, a number of incidents resulting in the maiming several humans caused the people’s prejudice to grow.
Finally, spurred on by the words of the Reverend, the residents of the surrounding town began invading the swamps, hunting and killing every hellgator they found. This went on for weeks and became known as the Lousiana Hellgator Massacre.

When the dust settled only one Hellgator had survived. After killing his attacker he retreated deeper into the sewer system. His pursuers soon gave up their search believing he was the only one left and would eventually die off or be killed by another mob.
Now the last hellgator roams the connecting sewer systems of the southern United States….and when children hear tales of the reptilian beasts that live beneath their feet, they are tales of the HELLGATOR !

Ht: 5’10”

Wt: 700

Eyes: Black (Red in King-Hell Mode)

Hair: None

Powers: Thanks to extended scientific study, the Hellgator has been found to be one of the most unique creatures in the natural world. It possesses the visual acuity of an actual alligator, and nearly six times the strength of a normal human being. This coupled with its ability to breath underwater, its sense of smell and large serrated claws, it is superb hunter.

His scaly hide is the organic equivalent of a bulletproof vest, able to stop small caliber rounds and allowing him to survive wounds inflicted by larger firearms such as a 12 gauge shotgun.
His Jaws are four time stronger than an actual alligator, making him capable of biting through virtually any masonry or natural substance (i.e. Rock, Bone, Bricks or concrete).
He uses his heavy tail to propel and deftly maneuver through the water. On land, when whipped, the tail is capable of delivering over 300 pounds of force per square inch upon impact. This can be greatly increased with added torque.

Although unable to speak, Hellgator has shown remarkable intelligence and seeming intuitiveness in the studied interaction with human beings.

Other Distinguishing Features: The Hellgator possesses a scaly orange hide, with a harder set of green scales covering its back and forearms. He has large Black eyes.

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