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Elle | Characters

Elle by Ten Dead Kings
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'7''
 Created: July 31st, 2010
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7 years in the field. She thought she'd seen 'em all. She hasn't.

Now, after a year in VOID City, Special Securities United (S.S.U.) Operative E-29, "Elle" to those
who know her, tries to do her assignments as best as she can while keeping those under her command alive. It's difficult, she doesn't like it, but she'll endure.

As she always has.

-Professional attitude on the job, dislikes heroics and deviating from the main objective.
-Generally reserved, doesn't talk much unless with old friends and people from 'the business.'
-Used to drink heavily to deal with the stuff she saw on the job. Had company-mandated therapy and can now hold her liquor really well. Stopped smoking a long time ago.
[UPDATE]: No longer needing or being able to drink. Very bummed out about it.
-Partial to using NATO gear on operations.
-Rarely seen without the eyepatch or inconspicuous clothing.
[UPDATE]: Eyepatch gone since she has both eyes working again.
-Does not like talking about her past.
-Re-Captcha pisses her off.

-left eye blinded and severe scarring from failed attempt to capture Buster "Casino Reasoning" Jones. think Two-Face(Batman).
-"star-burst" shaped scar on right side of face from shrapnel while unsuccessfully attempting to recruit Jane Blonde (it's not a maple leaf dammit!)
-got shanked by Auddie in the left leg, left a big scar but leg is otherwise working normally.
-after getting blown up and a building dropped on her (vs Mr. Murder in "SWEAT"), doctors only just managed to save her memories and transferred her into a new robotic shell, as stipulated in her contract and insurance coverage. Despite receiving a 1:1 likeness, Elle performed self-modification to more closely resemble her last appearance.
-Got half her face melted off in an op (Scarmageddon).

-absorbed into the S.S.U. security detail hired by Charon Spaceways Inc., who builds and maintains slipgate networks allowing near-instant travel between systems.

(Current metaplot starts at the second Elle vs Jessie Valley (2), while using various Upheaval/Hiemium-related comics as inspiration)


1) Special Securities United (S.S.U.)

"Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay it's price."

- On paper, S.S.U. is a private security company offering close protection and security consultation services. In reality, S.S.U. specializes in paramilitary training, corporate and private security, mercenary contract mediations, support services for operators, and small-time arms and milsurp trading.
- Originally a support group for regular baseline human mercenaries and discharged military personnel, it now has chapters spread across many of the Core Worlds, with it's newest in Void City. Membership is strictly "ordinary humans"-only, due to the fact that most of the original founders lost their jobs to superhumans, half-demons, and such. Critics frequently accuse S.S.U. of racism and human-supremacist tendencies because of this.
- Minimum recruitment age is 18. All recruits sit through a 6-month training course and their performance is evaluated before becoming official operators. Operators can then choose to commit to a contract or undergo further training to specialize in a field of their choice. 25% of those who enlisted before the age of 20 do not survive their first contract. Yearly psyche and fitness evaluation is mandatory for all S.S.U. members.
- Most operators use equipment similar to that available in the present day (Cold War and later). Veterans tend to use more exotic/high-tech/expensive equipment.
- S.S.U. have cultivated a culture of "Human Purity," where members are expected to shun combat drugs, advanced body augmentations, or gaining power from fey or other eldritch entities, instead promoting hard work, constant self-improvement (physical and mental), and brutal cunning to accomplish their client's orders. Therefore, getting arm augmentations/prosthesis to replace one lost in combat is fine, but willingly re-sleeving into a superior body or cyborg chassis is considered "cheating;" as well as any other method that resembles becoming a meta-human.

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