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Nideras | Characters

Nideras thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 5ft 10in
 Created: July 23, 2010
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Nideras Vi'Orizien "The Fleshcarver"

Initially a shy, introverted youth... Until the world ended. Nowdays, he finds himself wandering in search of interesting test subjects for his mad science. His favorite activities include long strolls along the beach, fine dining, and cutting people open to figure out what makes them tick.

Personality: Typically a trollish jerk; he can be nice when he wants to be, or it can profit him in some way. Your best bet is to be disgustingly small and adorable.

Combat: He's not much for face to face fighting, and would much rather be sneaky and shank his opponent from behind, or otherwise ambush them. Unless he's at the advantage, he tends to be a rather evasive coward. The closest things he has to weapons are a few surgical tools (lol), and several of the chemicals he keeps at his hip.... Unless he has a monstrosity that he's shopped together from parts. Then he hides behind that like the craven he is. (Being new to Void, I'd say he lacks anything of the sort... yet.)

Misc: This rat-bastard has a near crippling fear of squishy slimy worms. Things like giant earthworms, and larvae have him reduced to a screeching little girl. Also, rather weak to "cute" things like animals and small children.

His dayjob has him carving markings into people, and imbuing them with special properties. This has a habit of ending up being some form of ironic justice, trolling, or just plain unintentionally exploding in his client's face. If he offers his services, your best bet is to run FAST and never look back.

Motto: FOR SCIENCE! *cue hilarious failure*

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