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Viella | Characters

Viella by Sageby
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'5'' / 167 cm
 Created: July 21st, 2010
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Viëlla was born on Caor, a planet under the rule of the Farsudirian Federation. Viëlla's race, an offshoot of the Farsidurian colonists, mutated an organ which function can be compared to a biolelectric generator. She enrolled in the Caorian militairy academy for three years before quitting, wanting to see more of the Federation her homeworld was part of. During her travels, a civil war broke out and with Farsidurian influence diminishing all around her, saw herself made an enemy of its interests. Made an enemy of the Farsudirians, as her home world Caor being one of the first to break free of their grip, her journey once fueled by curiosity and sense of adventure soon became a nightmarish fight for survival. But then she was introduced to a former Farsidurian Seneschal, with a much grander scheme in mind than territorial disputes, and accepting his offer and terms, left for a curious dimensional hub, further into the void than she ever dreamed of going.

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Her kind´s talent for generating, amplifying and directing their bio electrical energy, ranges in several "levels" of potency, the highest being fully fledged Electromancers, the lowest, a mild annoyance to electric currents in mechanical devices. Viëlla ranks nowhere near the full potential of her species. She cannot throw lighting in any way, but can temporarily super charge her musculature allowing for inhuman feats of strength and speed. Her cellular makeup is completely insulated against high voltage electricity, meaning she can't receive a backlash when she is "powered up" for longer times, not even when cut. However, the organ being placed where otherwise a stomach should be, she can't digest solid food nor eat for that matter, being dependent on fluids entirely for her nutrient intake.


Using her power generates heat. When powered for too long, her body will be unable to channel it out and in the worst case scenario, she'll die of instant dehydration. Active time is around ten minutes.


Her time spent at the Caorian Academy has gifted her the knowledge to use many types of weapon and machinery although she abhors the use of guns, finding them wholly barbaric and far too failure prone, favoring cutting and stabbing applications as they are according to her, universal. To this end, her employer supplied her with a typical Farsidurian weapon, a Ringarm. The ring cannot be used as one blade and will not activate if the two halves are joined. When not in use, the ring is attached to her belt, which has no functions other than keeping her jacket from flowing all over the place and limiting her movement.

The jacket itself is a flak jacket, protecting from low velocity projectiles and explosion shrapnel to a degree. Firing a shotgun slug from close range will do nothing to protect her.

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